Masterbuilt 1050 First Day

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Jul 30, 2021
I have had the Masterbuilt 1050 a whole 24 hrs. After the cook off and seasoning I put it to the test.

I have subscribed to the emails since forever. This is my first time posting. Any tips are welcome and I’ll answer questions I can.


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Looks good. I love the gravity series. I think you’re going to really enjoy the grill.
Named it “Big Frank” after Frank Castle. I am enjoying it so much. I hope to learn more about it as I go. It’s a far cray from my old kettle.
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I wish I had the guts or the expertise to time so many different meats at once.
Good Job.
Welcome from Coastal South Carolina
Thanks. I have decades of practice. When I teach people how to cook I always say "you have time, temp, and flavor". To make things easier write down how long each will take to smoke. Then set a timer when to add the next one. With all honesty, I have cooked more than 50 steaks at once with different center temps, and this was a bit harder for me than that. This smoker reaches its temps so fast I could barely keep up. I usually have a lot of time between temp settings and can prep it out better. Big Frank just goes straight to the temp I told him to immediately. :O
Looking good! Any pics of the finished goodness?
That was just before I took it off. I've been sending my mom home with my bbq for years when she comes to visit. She bought me this for my birthday. Then, she brought over a whole week's worth of meal prep for her and my dad. Tenderloin, russet taters and carrots, chicken legs, thighs, and pork chops came off the same time and went straight to the steel pans and across town to her house. I did get a picture texted to me an hour later with big happy smiles. All the meat is individually seasoned for different flavors every night, and they can't stop raving about the taters and carrots. :)
Named it “Big Frank” after Frank Castle. I am enjoying it so much. I hope to learn more about it as I go. It’s a far cray from my old kettle.
There is a little to learn but not to much. Remember to pull the slides. The hotspots are different and will move if you have a pan in to catch drippings. Make sure to do a burn off before hand if you plan on getting above smoking temps. The only real mishap I’ve had was because of this. I spatchcocked and smoked a chicken. I upped the temp for the last 10 degrees of the cook. Went inside to get the vegetables to grill and by the time I came out the skin was extra crispy. Apparently skin cooks faster at 675 than 375. The meat was still good and my son came back for thirds. It also stopped a fight between the wife and I. We both love the skin and one or the other will eat it when the other is out of line of sight. That night not so much. Lesson I learned was take the meat off if your bumping the temperature up above the flash point. Check the meat probe that came with the grill. Some people don’t have issues but mine was way off. I just use an InkBird. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else. These grills really make things super easy. The speed they get to temp and heat up at is amazing. Goes from pulled pork to pizza in the time it takes to top one. Holds temp really well. Usually +\- 2 degrees. Aside from a cheep temperature probe the only problems I’ve had were caused by me. Remember those slides. There’s more than once I’ve gone “error 4! What’s that?Oh …yay.” is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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