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  1. A

    Help! Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker or Masterbuilt MES 35B Electric Smoker

    Hi everyone, Looking to buy a cold smoker, I'm leaning towards a Masterbuilt as I like the look of the cold smoker attachment...
  2. pebcakpro

    Masterbuilt 1050 3rd day (returning unit)

    Yup. Gonna return it. It will not work past 350 degrees. It smokes great, but it will not grill. The fan shuts off at 350. All the troubleshooting works fine because it never reaches that temp. As soon as it hit 350 the fan stops. Sad day. I'll be returning it. Not sure if I'll get...
  3. pebcakpro

    Masterbuilt 1050 First Day

    I have had the Masterbuilt 1050 a whole 24 hrs. After the cook off and seasoning I put it to the test. I have subscribed to the emails since forever. This is my first time posting. Any tips are welcome and I’ll answer questions I can.
  4. L

    Masterbuilt - complaint /concern

    Hello, looking for some advice or maybe even a contact number for Masterbuilt as I’ve been unsuccessful in email and social media messages. first- I ordered a few extras (cover, charcoal, starters) from Masterbuilt direct and 3 days later fed ex notified me Masterbuilt canceled my order...
  5. D

    Masterbuilt electric smokers: 20078715 for $125 or 20071117 for $100?

    Hi there, I have a shot at buying a very slightly used 20078715 for $125 or a brand new 20071117 for $100. They seem like very similar units, but I figured I should ask the authorities on the matter. For the record, I'm brand new to smoking and am interested in low cost, easy to maintain, and...
  6. bowserx69

    Masterbuilt MES 440s (Gen 4)

    Hi all! I'm new to smoking, I just got the Masterbuilt MES 440s (Model #: MB20077419) as my first one. I grabbed it on sale at Dick's and couldn't pass it up for $249 when I noticed it retailed for 3x that much. However I'm running into problems when I have questions about it. I'm looking to...
  7. OldSmoke

    Masterbuilt MPS 230s Modifications

    I am in the process of modifying my smoker to operate at lower smoking temps and to make the burner more wind resistant. We live at the west end of the Columbia Gorge and it gets pretty darned windy. I am attempting to build a dead air plenum. I’ll be adding screens to keep out the critters...
  8. OldSmoke

    First Smoke!

    Last night I did my very first smoke on my massaged MPS 230s. I followed Bear’s recipe for smoke salmon. I was challenged to maintain the low temps required. I discovered some variability in my ThermoPro thermometer, and a wide variety of temps in different positions in the cabinet. The top...
  9. OldSmoke

    First Fire!

    I just fired my new MPS230S for the first time. I’ve already made a lot of modifications. I added wheels, gaskets around the doors, a wok rack and cast iron pan, and a side table. I also sealed all of the fasteners and seams with hi-temp RTV. I am in the process of burning it off and seasoning...
  10. C

    Control Panel Blues

    Hey all I am new here. I am an avid smoker but I am looking for help from the pros. My Masterbuilt 20078715 control panel is no longer working. It will turn on, but I can’t adjust the time or temp. (I got it really wet with a hose) Is anyone able to assist? I have been checking master built’s...
  11. I

    Masterbuilt 560 help

    Recently bought a used masterbuilt 560 for $100. Needed some work but didn’t want to turn it down because it was so cheap. Wanted to see if anyone had any pointers on placements of wood. Is it best to put some chunks mixed in with the charcoal in the stack, place wood in the ash tray or do a...
  12. S

    Masterbuilt 560 Heat Manifold Support

    Hey everyone, My first post and the reason I joined...I'm desperate lol. Bought my 560 from Home Depot 3 weeks ago. Was cleaning it yesterday and found out there is no heat manifold support part installed. Home Depot assembled the entire thing for me and I didn't notice anything was wrong until...
  13. S

    Wrapping hasn't broke stall

    I am doing first brisket in a long time. It is in the 15-16# range and took about 8 or 9 hours to stall at 143 cooking between 230 and 240. I wrapped in butcher paper about an 90 minutes ago and it has only moved to 147 and has stuck there for 30 mins or so. When I wrapped I raised the temp to...
  14. floyd

    Masterbuilt Propane Smoker WILL NOT STAY LIT

    I have a 1 1/2 year old MB 20050716 Masterbuilt Propane smoker with the glass door. It worked fine for about 4 smokes, but now, it will not stay lit. When I go to start it, i push in the selector and turn it counterclockwise to high like it saves. When I hit the igniter it roars to life, and...
  15. Huebdoo

    Timer options for Masterbuilt Analog electric

    So I have a Masterbuilt analog electric which works fine however I want to be able to have it burn low and slow (as cold as possible) for smoking salmon and curing bacon. I know these pull 1500 Watt so I'm looking for something that can let it burn @ high for 2-3 minutes, then off for 10. Anyone...
  16. B

    Electric Smoker Popping GFCI

    I'm having a problem with a 40" electric Masterbuilt (20070211) where it pops my 15 amp GFCI when the heating element comes on, even though the plaque on the back says it rates at 10 amps. The GFCI runs all exterior plugs and garage, but it never trips except for the smoker. I changed the GFCI...
  17. B

    Masterbuilt Smoker Issue

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. I have a question about my Masterbuilt John McLemore Signature Series Propane Smoker. I just acquired this smoker over the weekend, and had the thought of smoking on it yesterday. I lit the burner, which worked fine. It had a nice small blue flame. As I turned the...
  18. P

    Welcome Master Bradley Auber

    I've been using a Bradley with an Auber PID and a double burner for a several years. That cabinet was on it's last legs so I decided to build a new smoker. Well, two actually, but this post is about the Masterbuilt. Sam's club had a sale on the 340G and I picked one up for 250. I was impressed...
  19. Suam461

    Adventures in vegan BBQ

    I'm not a vegan, but I had the opportunity to try some pulled jackfruit at Blue Pit Bbq outside of Baltimore and I could not get it off my mind since! There are a million recipes for turning this fruit into tacos and barbeque, but I couldn't find anyone who had smoked it! So armed with very...
  20. R

    Question about smoking ham

    so I have a fresh uncurled bone in ham I was thinking about making for Easter. My plan was to use pops brine. I just had a thought about making it boneless and tying it really good. I was just wondering if there’s some tips or tricks about doing it? And if it might be too small at this point to...
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