gravity fed smoker

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  1. M

    Gravity Fed Smoker Build

    Hey all - I'm working with a smoker builder (Smokey Smokerson, check his IG page out) and we are currently trying to decide on a color. We've found a heat resistant black that can withstand temps up to 1000 degrees (F). I'd like to use a different color (army green) but the only one I see has a...
  2. sitruunatee

    Masterbuilt Gravity Series Smokers Are a Quality Control Nightmare; My Review

    Hello all! First post here but I've been reading for a while. But, I basically want to go through my experience of dealing with Masterbuilt Gravity 800 series smoker directly through Masterbuilt approximately a year and three months ago. This grill has been stored in a dry climate, in an indoor...
  3. A

    Masterbuilt 560 - anyone have dimensions on the slides?

    A friend recently moved and decided I needed a 4th grill, so he sold me his Masterbuilt 560 for $100. When I got it home I noticed the slides are missing. To say that Masterbuilt support has been atrocious would be an understatement.. so here I am still in need of some replacements. Can...
  4. R

    Using Masterbuilt Gravity Series Without Controller?

    Hi folks, I’ve had my Masterbuilt 560 Gravity Series smoker for almost 2 years now. So far, it’s been awesome. The one obvious downfall about it is that it needs to be plugged in. I was curious if anyone has experimented with using one of these smokers “unplugged”. It’s designed similar to a...
  5. pebcakpro

    Masterbuilt 1050 First Day

    I have had the Masterbuilt 1050 a whole 24 hrs. After the cook off and seasoning I put it to the test. I have subscribed to the emails since forever. This is my first time posting. Any tips are welcome and I’ll answer questions I can.
  6. L

    Masterbuilt - complaint /concern

    Hello, looking for some advice or maybe even a contact number for Masterbuilt as I’ve been unsuccessful in email and social media messages. first- I ordered a few extras (cover, charcoal, starters) from Masterbuilt direct and 3 days later fed ex notified me Masterbuilt canceled my order...
  7. S

    Brick, Offset, Reverse flow, Gravity Fed smoker

    I wanted to share with everyone the new smoker I built. I couldn't find very little online in the way of offset brick smokers so I thought my experience might help someone in the future. A few things to consider - I'm in no way a brick mason, this was my first attempt at any masonry, in the...
  8. J

    Wanted: smaller Assassin, Stumps, Mixon gravity feed

    Been smoking on my Primo oval XL for 5ish years now. I love it but I'm kooking to try something new and increase my cooking capacity.
  9. T

    Stumps BBQ Smoker XL Stretch for sale or trade

    Stumps BBQ Smoker XL Stretch "Sold"
  10. MeatSlanger BBQ

    Gravity Fed Cabinet Smoker for Sale or Trade

    Gravity Fed Cabinet Smoker watch video for details $2800 or trade for Lang 60. Located in SC.