Making pork jerky, do I really need to treat the meat for Trichinosis?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by regnes, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. regnes

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    I'm learning how to make jerky and just out of curiosity I really want to try pork jerky, but have some concerns about using it since jerky IS raw meat after all.

    I'm aware that the trichinosis threat is way blown out of proportion and that modern standards of pork production are so high that it's almost non-existent, but I still don't want to poison my family lol. I've cut a 3KG loin into 3 pieces to freeze since I read that's the most effective way to treat it, but the process takes at least 20 days, don't really want to wait that long lol.

    Anyway, freezing that for now, and tomorrow I'm going to start on my beef jerky.
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  2. chef jimmyj

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    Where are you from? Since you are talking Kg I assume not the US...I would wait the 20+ days...You can do Beef or Turkey while you wait...Stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself, give your location, type of equipment and level of experience...Welcome to the SMF Family...JJ
  3. smokinal

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    You got some good advice from JJ!
  4. thoseguys26

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    I've been thinking more and more about pork jerky after my first go at canadian bacon. A comment on the KG comment, I've learned a valuable lesson from my Italian neighbor and that is to weigh all of your spices. One TB of salt won't weigh the same as the next TB of salt. Liquids are the only thing you can consistently measure with US units (TB, cups, etc).  If you want to replicate your recipe's every time, than get a digital scale and weigh everything.

    Come back and tell us about the results. We all love Q-View (Lots of pics!).
  5. regnes

    regnes Newbie

    I come from the modern world of Not-USA where the metric system laughs down upon the imperial system.  I actually just started some beef up, got a few cheap blade steaks for a trial run, got those marinating for now, will see how it goes later lol.

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