Looking for good grill

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Original poster
Jan 6, 2014
I'm looking for a good charcaol grill, mainly for steaks, burgers, deer loins, chicken, etc... but  I would also like to use it as a smoker sometimes.  Right now i'm debating between the char griller 6719 Kamado, but feel it would be hard to load pieces of wood into the grill, not sure, but I really like this grill.  http://www.lowes.com/pd_131712-4976...=1&currentURL=?Ntt=charcoal++grills&facetInfo=.  then also looking into the  master forge 32 inch charcoal girll. I have a friend that has one, loves the way it cooks, but says you can tell its not built to last forever.  You can easily put logs on this grill for smoking.  thanks guys let me know your opinons or any other suggestions you have.  Would like to keep price under 400. thanks.http://www.lowes.com/pd_404331-9539...=1&currentURL=?Ntt=charcoal++grills&facetInfo=
I have a Master Forge, 32", bought it a year ago and I am happy with it, but yes it is not built to last forever. I like the 3 grate system(I removed one for easy access to fire on right for adding charcoal and wood chunks), I also like I can raise and lower fire, bottom tray to easily dump ashes, the top vent(I never use the side vents, well, not yet at least), the two side trays come in handy(I used zip screws to make them more solid for now, gonna replace every nut and bolt this spring with lock nuts and lock washers, and of course the bottle opener!! There is a way to seal grill better around lid to not loose as much smoke or heat(Doing that this summer too). I bout mine from Lowes for $170 on sale before 2012 Christmas and I have used it 3 to 4 times a month at least every month for a solid year now. There is a better one at Lowes that I want next (Oklahoma Grill or Smoker) that is about $420. I know someone who has one and he loves it! Happy Smoking! Hope my advise helped
It's hard to beat the good old Weber charcoal grill. I can grill, smoke, or bake on mine
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