Looking for new pellet grill suggestions

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Aug 17, 2016
Mesa AZ
I've had 2 different GMG pellet grills I have used over the last several years. They have worked well for me with no complaints. I need to replace the one at my house, it burned back, melted some paint, and doesn't work as well as it should. It owes me nothing. It never had a hickup for probably 6+ years. I haven't looked at new pellet grills/smokers in a long time. I have had both the wifi and non wifi models, and it isn't a deal breaker for me. I like the look of the easy clean out of the Camp Chefs, if it works well. I also like the idea of their 30" model. I have a 24 and a 30 and the in between would be fine by me. I see GMG's new line has a collapsible front shelf that looks handy. The clear glass will be black in no time. I have pavers now, so something that rolls nice would be a plus. I know a few folks that have been happy with the Recteq as well. Is the Camp Chef ash clean up handy? Are there any specific ones I am over looking? I don't want to spend a ton of money for no reason, but want bank for my buck.
I have two Camp Chefs. I have the DLX 24 and the XXL. Can't complain about either and any time I've needed to speak to customer support (very rarely) they've been excellent. The ash cleanout and the pellet hopper drain are big selling points.
Have had the rec tec bull for several years and has been worry free compared to the GMG and Traeger I had before it. It all depends on your budget if I upgrade it will be a Yoder or Lonestar.
For 8 years my Rectec mini has been a true workhorse. There are a lot of people that swear by them. I will say that if you put a gun to my head and forced me to complain about it, I would have two very small gripes. I can't easily swap out pellets if I want a different smoke profile, and cleanup after a long smoke can be a pain. I have a dedicated shop vac to vacuum out the pellets, and also to vacuum the chamber after longer cooks. I know some newer pellet grills have addressed the hopper, but like all grills, you gotta dump the ash somehow.
Thanks all for the quick replies. The pellet dump looks handy too on the Camp Chef and it is nice to hear about the CS. GMG once emailed me a wiring diagram after my dog pulled out some wires on Easter Sunday! I've always wanted a Yoder, but I have other hobbies that fight for funds too.
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I had GMG Daniel Boone, served me very well. The auger assembly failed last spring, and was back ordered. I got tired of waiting so I took advantage of RT special offer and got the big RT-1250 and the RT-340. When it got cold here the 340 was having trouble maintaining an even temp. Called customer service and they walked me through adjusting the auger speed. It's been rock solid ever since. The RT-1250 is awesome. As far use Smoke Ring pellets MHC and never change.
I've been looking at pellet smokers the last couple months as well, to replace a Pit Boss Pro 1100. Was seriously considering the Rec tec RT-1250 or the new Camp Chef Wood Wind Pro 36.

In the end, I ended up going a totally different route, realizing that I'd rather have a cabinet style since I have other cookers for grilling and this would just be used for week night smoking for me. So... I just pulled the trigger Monday morning on a Pellet Pro 2300 with the Heavy D diffuser. Should be here in about a week. Can't wait!
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My Camp Chef SG24 has served me well over the last year and a half. It's WIFI, which wasn't a feature that was necessary on my list when I was buying, but I do find it useful.
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Have a Grilla Chimp. The standard probe is garbage but a thermpro is $20. Same story where I have a shop vac for the smoker. if i went larger in size, I would go recteq for higher max temp and better weight distribution of where pellets live (on back so weights centered vs on a side)
As expected I am sure, I will pile on the Rec Tec vote. I have used mine for 4+ years at least with no issue. Fires up every time with the app from in the house, run in all weather, makes great food.
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Take a look at the SmokeFire from Weber . Fantastic grill and smoker . Has a lot of features also . Most of the negative reviews are user error .
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