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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tiny, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. tiny

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    First let me thank Jeff and all the guys and gals here. I started a Q business based largely on the posts here on this site, you gave me the confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's not yet successful, but I'm hopeful.[​IMG]

    So here come a few questions...

    I do 25-35 lbs of buts each week. I have a digital thermometer (which is accurate) as well as the one on my GSM (which does not seem to be very accurate).

    Sometimes I smoke pork ribs but mostly buts.

    Sometimes the buts take 16 hours or so (internal temp of 190)...this batch is taking forever!!!!! They have been in there 24 hours now (it's making me wonder, what are they doing in there?), at at least, 220, and the one on the bottom is just now at 188...[​IMG] is something else going on here, or it it just done when it's done!

    Also I've been applying the rub by putting a butt in a small kitchen trash bag then throwing in a cup of rub and tumbling it around...comes out real nice and even, and no I don't use mustard...so here's the question, sometimes there is some rub leftover in the bag, can it be refrigerated and used safely the following day on some ribs?

    That's it for now, just got the family waiting for our freaking dinner, that I thought was going to be lunch [​IMG].
  2. fire it up

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    So did they ever end up finishing for you?
  3. tiny

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    Finally, took 26 hours and it really was no more tender than other smokes taking 16-18 hours.

    I pulled them at 190...might wait till they get a little closer to 200 next time, as two were very tender and the other two...not so much so.

    Has anyone else had a smoke take that long?
  4. chefrob

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    no, not that long......as for the left over rub i wouldn't.
  5. I agree, I wouldn't re-use rub or anything that has touched meat and can't be washed very well.

    It'd be kinda like saving the flour you drenched your chicken in before frying.

    Not good eats if you ask me.
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    First off no to your question. Then next could you stop bye Roll Call and introduce yourself and tell us some more about yourself and then we can give you the proper howdy we like to give to new members.
  7. I have a couple quick questions...

    you said "this batch" is taking extra time... how many were there?

    did all of them take the full 26 hours to cook or did you just have one straggler?
  8. I think the important questions would be how big are the roasts & are they with or without bone? I typically do a 9-10lb butt, bone in for 12-13hrs, tops. Not to say that it can't take longer, but that's when they usually hit 195-200.
  9. tiny

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    10/4 on the rub question.

    rhankinsjr, this batch was 4 butts, about 28 lbs. I always do 4 at a time. My unit is not the extra wide one so I have one butt on the bottom, two in the middle and one on the top, as the racks are not spaced far enough to put all 4 racks in and a butt on each one.

    I take the temp at the top through the vent hole for the first couple hours to make sure temp does not spike...then well into the smoke I usually put the probe in one of the middle butts.

    I put the biggest butts on the bottom and the smaller ones on top.

    Thanks for the help.
  10. chefrob

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    are these the ones taking the longest?

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