Largest gathering of SMF member since the gathering

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Now there's a good lookin bunch of Smokin Maniacs. Thanks for sharing that pic Cheech. Wish you could have made the gathering.
No feedlot can compare!
That is one BIG PILE OF POO standing together! Lord I can only imagine the smell!

So, who's who in the pic? Kinda nice to put a face with a name.
We need more ND, MN and SD members so I can attend one of these get togethers, sound like it would be a great time !!!
The names are on the original post.............
Nice pic Cheech, it was so great to meet you guys, am thinking of a Michigan SMF gathering this fall, of course, any member would be invited, stay tuned!
Tonto and I were discussing your comments. She says "the only thing missing was your ugly mug"

My response is only that we need you to add to the odor! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.