Ken Onion Grinder Attachment

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What is your grit steps for a quality kitchen knife that isn't damaged?
I don’t get a lot of real good quality knives. I do a few restaurants, and the knives are thrown all over the kitchen. I do have a few chef’s that bring there personal knives, and quite a few foodies with expensive knives. So, I start out checkin out the knife & seeing how it will or will not cut a sheet of paper. If it will make a bit of a cut, then I would start out with a couple of passes with 200, 320, 800,5000, & finish with a leather belt with compound on it. If the knife is in bad shape I start out with a couple of passes with 80 grit. Hope this helps.
So let me get this straight, I need the Blade Grinding attachment that SmokinEdge SmokinEdge posted and then the attachment to that, biged biged posted ? And then am I done ?🙄
Not even close to done. The economy is sputtering out there. We all have to keep doing our part, and a lot of starts right here on these forums. Lol
I ran across this video of another Worksharp that is very interesting 🤔

Yep it’s a dandy got mine in Saturday just got done with a dollar store Butcher knife to try it out just let the stones do the work and don’t put a lot of pressure on them strop that comes with it works but not as good as my hand held ones that pos knife got sharp as a razor can’t wait to get to my pocket knives and some hand made ones my son makes hope you all staying warm and have a blessed day
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