Jalapeno cheese hot dogs

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Apr 28, 2010
Trying something new. adding some cheese and japs to some hot dogs. Going to give these a light cold smoke of apple wood for about a good hr or so then cook with heat only.

These will be making the trip to the south Florida gathering this spring

Here's the sausage Room where I keep my equipment.

Ground and seasoned the meat the day before. Got to stuffing today. 22-24mm sheep's into a small ring then a twist in the middle to make 2 hot dogs

All linked up and ready for the smoker

In the smoker for some cold smoking

Stay tuned.....

they're about 3 hrs in at the moment. Taking them to 140 then hot bath to 160

Be back shortly
Looking tasty Joe, very nice.  
I always love the uniformity of you sausages in the smoker.. Look great I'll have to put this on my list.
Well........... They look good and taste great with a nice apple wood flavor but not what I was expecting....The japs and cheese over powered the hot dog flavor. I was lazy and only did a single grind instead of a triple grind. They turned out more like small sausages rather than hot dogs. My hot dogs get a triple grind @ 30% fat and a binder added  ( which I didn't add) and the texture turns out like a NY hot dog.....

They'll be good to snack on at the gathering........

Thanks for looking

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They look great Joe.

Any recipe you can share?   Hotdogs have been on my list for a long time.

I'm late, as usual, but I think these look great.  The texture does look more like a sausage than a wiener, but I'm sure the flavor was good.  I'd darn sure put one in a bun and eat it! 
Joe I bet they taste great,they do look more like sausage.I made Bologna once and it looked like that.Going to try emulsifying next time,maybe I'll try hot dogs

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