It's been a long winter.. First smoke in a long time.. Prime Rib Roast

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Aug 18, 2007
Hyde Park, NY
Lots of snow here in NY and it's been real cold also, so my smoking was on hold for a few months.

I had a 4lb boneless prime rib roast in the freezer almost 6 months so I figured it was time to do some smoking

with a couple sunny days we were getting.  Rubbed her down with EVOO and instead of the Kosher salt and black pepper I went with some Bad Byrons butt rub..


Cooked til it was 140 and then foiled for 20 min


Very moist and a perfect med rare for me. The ends were  on the med side


A couple taters smoked to perfection.

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Any ideas for the left over meat?  I was thinking for dicing or chopping up and adding to tomato sauce for paste?

thanks  Bob
That looks Great seaham.

Can't be much left over---I like to fire up the gas grill real hot.

Then flip the leftovers a couple minutes on each side, just enough to warm the inside and make the outside bubble.

If you can't do that, you could stick them in a foil pan in the toaster oven & do the same thing---warm the inside & bubble the outsides.

I would slice it real thin and put it on some nice crusty rolls with some carmelized onions and provolone cheese.  Heat under the broiler then dip in some aujus made from this

French dip sounds good, I have to get to the store and see what kind of dipping sauce we have around here. 

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