Italian Insanity: Lasagna Wrapped Sausages W/ Spicy Marinara & Veggies (Pics)

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One fine creative piece of work right there Robert, nice job!
Thanks so much my friend. This one was really odd but oh so good. Had a great time putting it together, seeing how well it came out, then eating it. Was also fun to post here to give some others ideas to delve into at some point.
Hell, the sheets you are rolling out appear stellar, I knew it wouldn't take you any time at all
I had a good mentor :emoji_wink: Learned pretty quick that the 2 biggest things are getting the dough the correct width for the roller and making sure it is dusted with flour so it doesn't stick.

Ok Man is that off the charts Robert! Sitting here drooling on the keyboard....
Thanks so much Matt but you really need to stop the drooling. You could short out the keyboard and electrocute yourself. We wouldn't want that, now would we?

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Wow that’s a pretty neat and interesting Robert! The lasagna wrapped sausage looks awesome. I’d eat a plate of it for sure!
Thanks Joe, and yes, it was definitely interesting....or weird, however you wanna look at it. Was also pretty filling with all that cheese so be careful not to let your eyes get bigger than your tummy :emoji_wink:

Looks great! Looks like you turned all that melting cheese into gravy!
Thanks Ryan but it broke my heart when all that cheese looked like gravy. We both know that nobody around here likes gravy, now don't we :emoji_wink:

Oh, Man, I like this!!
I have the sausage and all the ingredients and the pasta machine. We just had Lasagna so this will have to happen next week some time, but I absolutely want to make this!
You always amaze me.
Your accolades are appreciated but possibly a bit more than deserved. I am thrilled that you like this and find it worthy of possible creating.
On a side note, since the meal only used a couple of strips of pasta, what did you do with the rest? Freeze it?
That was actually the 3rd meal out of that batch of dough. From what I understand it can be frozen but I've just left it wrapped up tightly with plastic wrap in the fridge. When I want to roll some of it out, I just get what I need off the dough ball and let it warm up on the counter for a bit before rolling it.

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Holy smoke Robert that looks awesome
Thank you Cliff. They came out well and we're looking forward to Round 2 of them in the near future.
if I could find a good low carb pasta recipe that I could use in the roller it would be in my arsenal
There must be something out there. You tagged the right person with Jeff and I bet between the two of you, you'll find something that works like a charm.

Wow, my pasta machine has only been used for ravioli , pieorgies and pasta. Gonna have to try this out for sure!
Give it s hot and show us what happens. I'm curious to see what sort of variations people come up with. Looks like we approached pasta making from opposite directions. My ravioli press just got here yesterday. Looking forward to giving it a run.

Wow Robert ! That looks absolutely delicious !! That close up cut shot is stunning !
Thanks somuch for the kind words Mike. It's weird that when doing something new, you never know how it's gonna come out looking. I had faith that the flavors would be there but just wasn't sure about the visual. Turned out this one was pretty good.

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yeah I was ready to pull the trigger on the pasta roller but my quick search yielded nothing that would work in these.
Don't give up my friend. The truth is out there. Go forth and seek it out :emoji_wink:

I am not buying a pasta machine, I am not buying a pasta machine, I am not buying a pasta machine, I am not buying a pasta machine...
Yes you are, yes you are, yes you are....I believe you are in a state of denial and that needs to end now :emoji_wink: Just go ahead and order the thing. We all know you're gonna do it :emoji_laughing:

Any time Robert breaks out the mini cast iron pans, I’m in. An overly quick glance at the tithe and I thought, “What?! That’s nuts.” Then I saw tx smoker tx smoker and I knew it was gunna be great. I think you may have a new genre of food, Lasagna Wraps.
You give entirely too much credit my friend but I do appreciate it. I'm just a mixed bag of weird ideas that never seem to end. there's just no telling what sort of oddity I'll come up with next.

Mighty fine and creative dish Robert. I'm hoping to give my gear a spin this weekend.
Thank you sir!! There seems to be a big run recently on making pasta. Cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Looks like you took it up another notch! Fantastic looking meal. Glad you enjoying your new toy.
Very much appreciate it Brian and yes, I'm having a good time. got two more threads I'm considering posting that came out really well and both used the homemade pasta. Just don't wanna blow up the forum too badly :emoji_laughing:

Very nice Robert, and you had me at lasagna wraps . I love rolling things in lasagna noodles
Thank you David. Wanna hear something weird? I'm thinking through how to wrap the sausages with potatoes, brown them up, and serve with gravy. Thinking I might have it figured out but time will tell :emoji_wink:
I was thinking a Holy S**T one would have worked here
Now that would be funny!! Those CI skillets look really cool. Cannot wait to see them in action.

Wow Robert, very nicely done buddy! I am not a huge Italian fan (I drive my fam crazy)! That being said… slap a bib on this ol redneck, I’m going in head first! That is phenomenal!
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