Italian Insanity: Lasagna Wrapped Sausages W/ Spicy Marinara & Veggies (Pics)

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Any time Robert breaks out the mini cast iron pans, I’m in. An overly quick glance at the tithe and I thought, “What?! That’s nuts.” Then I saw tx smoker tx smoker and I knew it was gunna be great. I think you may have a new genre of food, Lasagna Wraps.
Very nice Robert, and you had me at lasagna wraps . I love rolling things in lasagna noodles

But as you said outside the norm. And I'm all in for that.

That is one heck of an idea, love the cheese.

We are going to have to ask the new Mods if they can make us a new like button
because lie,love wow, etc just don't cut it some times

I was thinking a Holy S**T one would have worked here

Very nice Robert

I just picked up 2 new CI dishes that I can't wait to use , I just seasoned last night.
Not counting the handles they are 5" x 8" , just good for 2 single servings, Don't know what Mona is going to use, :emoji_laughing: :emoji_laughing:


Now that's a new twist on lasagna. Nicely done Robert.

Point for sure
yeah I was ready to pull the trigger on the pasta roller but my quick search yielded nothing that would work in these.
I have tons of links in my to do folder lol. Now I don’t know if any of this content will work for rollers but this keto cook has really specialized in pasta replacement. I planned on trying both the egg noodle and lasagna recipes soon.
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I gotta tell you Robert, that is fantastic! What a great idea!
We have to make some, I have a bunch of hot Italian sausage in the freezer, and we do make our own sauce & pasta. It’s going to be cold tomorrow, and a perfect day to make that dish!! Thanks for the inspiration! BOOKMARKED!
That looks very very good. Thanks for the inspiriation. I like trying new ideas. You have some good ones.
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Very Interesting creation there Robert! All the flavors are there, just not a traditional Italian dish. No critic those were awesome!
Thanks Keith. I agree, the flavors are all traditional Italian it's just the composition that is a bit off-the-wall :emoji_astonished:

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