It don’t get no better!

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Jul 15, 2022
Brandon, Mississippi
Well, I found a brisket on sale and made my first batch of beef sausage and the family has decided it is their favorite sausage ever including any store-bought. Also, I am still fully convinced homemade doughnuts are the official dessert of bbq😂 I made homemade crispy hot dog buns which is a French bread hot dog bun, a little melted cheese some homemade horseradish Mayo, and raw onion. homemade Bavarian vanilla custard doughnuts and homemade eclairs with homemade whipped cream and homemade strawberry syrup. I was licking my eyebrows as I was eating. Lol


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Sausage recipe

2809 total grams of beef brisket


(Add 10% fat to picnic shoulder)

For venison add 30% fat

Kosher salt 1.8% 51g

Brown sugar 1.3%. 37g

Black pepper .64% or .5%white pepper 18g

Curing salt .25% 7g

Garlic powder .92% 26g

Mustard seed .22%. 6g

Marjoram .1% 3g

3% nonfat dry milk powder 3% 85g

1/2 cup cold 1/2 1/2 168g

Pepper jack cheese 280 grams

Red pepper flakes 7 grams
I did not I just put it in the freezer and then cold smoke. When Grilling I just bring them up to temp slowly and so far the only time the cheese melts is if you blast them in the microwave. When reheating in the microwave I heat them 20 seconds at a time and the cheese will not melt. Doing 1 straight minute to heat up the cheese melts.
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