Hot dog it worked.

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Jul 15, 2022
Brandon, Mississippi
Well last weekend I made Hot Dogs for the first time. I used pork loin and brisket trim. They were fantastic. My kids won’t eat store bought hotdogs, but they were eating them every day till they ran out. I stuffed them in cellulose casings, but I forgot to take pictures I was so focused on the process. This hot dog recipe was outstanding. I then made French bread hot dog buns. Cincinnati venison hot dog chili, cheddar cheese and topped them off with homemade pickled red onions and homemade pickles. This will be a keeper. Pics of the finished dogs after coming out of the cellulose casings, and the finished chili cheese dog. I mean this is up there with one of the best sandwiches I have had. They worked very well.

Hot dogs
3159g meat
63 g salt 2%
8 g pink curing .25% salt
20g mustard .62%
20g grams paprika .62%
13 g grams .41% garlic
6 g coriander .2%
9 g majorum .29%
13 g white pepper .41%
6 g mace .2%
5 g celery seed .16%
316 g water 10%
117g milk powder


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I like your recipe. That mace is a secret ingredient for dogs and bologna. It really makes the taste authentic. It’s what I use in dogs, ring bologna and 5” bologna. It’s delicious.
Nice work.
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They look great! Hotdogs are on my list of things I want to do but haven't gotten around to doing yet. I may give your recipe a go when I do make them since it looks to be a pretty good one.
I need to start making wieners. My favorite store bought have way to much salt.
What was the percentage of pork to beef?
I did a 75/25 pork loin is real lean to I separated the brisket trim meat from the brisket fat then put 25% straight fat in to grind with the pork loin and beef
Forgot to say you have a nice dog. Happy to read the kids chowed down. We raised a picky eater that finally is growing out of it
I'm not a hot dog guy but with one of those I bet I could pretend I was, I would slop yaller mustard and chili on one of them and call it a day :)

mebbe some of those fancy pink onions on it just to look sophisticated lol.

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