Im dying here… First pulled pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cforand, Jan 1, 2014.

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    So got my butt on at about 10:00 am almost 11 hours in and the dang thing is still at 176… I know the stall is a big deal but dang… Running it at 275 and I don't thing this thing will ever be done.. Wrapped it in foil at 160 trying to get it rolling again, but anything I can do other than the oven?

  2. cforand

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    177 im screwed huh
  3. Bummer. I would say turn it up at this point. Foiled you should be fine. At least you can eat. I have never foiled but I also start a full shoulder the night before. 10-midnight but that is at 225. Turn it up and eat. Don't overthink it. There's always next time
  4. Go 325 or whatever. You may not be past the stall depending on accuracy of probes. But your already crutched. And your hungry. pork shoulder is forgiving. Finish it and move on
  5. Sorry. Just realized the question problem. 275 is max. So yes. Oven.
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    just moved it in.. hate that i had to, but yes I'm hungry… not sure what happened but it smells amazing
  7.   Once it's in foil it doesn't make any difference to the meat where it is cooking, smoke can't get to it.

  8. cforand,

    I know how frustrating it can be once a pork butt stalls and you have no idea when it's going to be done. I tend to use the bone in shoulders and they regularly take about 18 hours, sometimes more. I usually do no less than 4 at a time since they're not very expensive and it's the a similar  amount of work to do 1 or 4. I just freeze or give the extras away to friends. It's such a treat to pull a smoked should out of the freezer 4 months after all of the hard work and have 8 lbs of pulled pork ready to go. It's truly a labor of love!
  9. I always cook the day before and reheat. It's too unpredictable.
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    As Meat Hound says it takes little extra effort to prepare more so I almost always cook to both eat and freeze. Leaving it to cool slowly in foil for several hours after it has reached temperature also ensures that it will stay moist long after it has been cut or pulled. It tastes good reheated from the freezer too.

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