I upgraded from a Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment to a...

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uncle eddie

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May 14, 2016
Central Missouri
...LEM Big Bite #8.
I am stoked! I am not sure who is happier, me or my oldest son who "Wants to borrow it".
This one is supposed to be able to do 7 pounds per minute and the old Kitchen aid did 5 pounds in about 10 minutes.
Looks like I get to test it this coming weekend.

some tips:
Cut the fat into 3/4" chunks for that grinder to lessen the pressure on the auger tip.

Go ahead and order the auger post that fits into the cutting knife and grinder plate. It's a replaceable consumable part....cost like $7 bucks and you want to have one on hand for when you need it. They do wear out even when lubed properly. Don't grind fat frozen too hard, it will put too much pressure on the auger tip and it will wear out super fast.
Keep fat and meat chunks separate when chilling in the freezer. Especially when doing batches larger than 10#. Take temp. readings of the fat. When it gets to between 30-32*F, then you can grind. This will extend the life of your auger tip and still give you a good clean cut.

A spare nylon bushing comes in the box. Buy another spare when you order the auger tip...it's good insurance and cheap too. Why? because I have put my grinder head together and have the bushing slip off before without me knowing it.... chewed that one up, did not have a spare on hand. Sausage making day was done until I could source another grinder to borrow....

Keep your knifes sharp and your grinder plates flat.....
...now, I hold the auger with the spline and bushing pointing straight up...slide the grinder body down over the auger to ensure the nylon bushing stays in place......
Congrats that should be a big improvement over the Kitchen Aid. I'll be looking for the sausage thread and your thoughts on the new grinder. What kind of sausage are you going to do?
I run a Big Bite #8. Let it eat. I will say that you should lube the spline end of the auger, not the splines themselves, but the smooth part of the shaft with crisco shortening. This will stop heat generated from the nylon bushing in the rear of the grinder body. If not the auger will and can get hot enough to cook the meat along the auger. Otherwise enjoy that quality machine.
Congrats on the new grinder! I have a feeling you're gonna love it! I agree with getting the foot pedal, I didn't when I first got my grinder but I had one for the 2nd time I used it.

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Cool beans.

Cant beat the LEM grinders. I had the 8 but downed to the 5 as i didnt grind much after leaving NEPA.
Congrats that should be a big improvement over the Kitchen Aid. I'll be looking for the sausage thread and your thoughts on the new grinder. What kind of sausage are you going to do?

pineywoods pineywoods - I have 15 pounds of pork picnic roast thawing in the fridge. Tomorrow I plan to make 7 pounds of breakfast sausage, 3 pounds of pizza topping and 5 pounds of jalapeno chipotle sticks. I need a day off and this will make me hang out at my MES40 for sure!
I did grind 15 pounds of pork this morning. Wow! Very easy and fast. It took less than 10 minutes and was as quiet as a canopener. I can see where a foot pedal would be nice.

5 pounds for jalapeno chipotle sticks

10 pounds for my Jimmy Dean knockoff breakfast sausage (7#) and pizza topping (3#)

Everything seasoned and chillingin the freezer for a spell

ANd - of course - my MES40 died its final death. Froze the stick mix. Test patty's were yummy though!
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