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Jul 15, 2022
Brandon, Mississippi
Well, I found 2 bone-in picnic shoulders on sale for $7.50 each. I ended up with 10 pounds of meat after deboning. Being only my 3rd batch of sausage and by far the biggest one I have done, The measurements were not a problem, but the grinding was an adventure lol. A couple of times the grinder attachment came flying off the front of the kitchen aid mixer, so it kept me paying attention. Nothing keeps you focused like the knowledge that at any minute the grinder attachment may start spinning in a circle and fly off. I was trying to hold it on but it's tough to feed the grinder, make sure the meat is going into the bowl evenly without using my third hand to hold the attachment on. I finally got the meat ground after having to clean the attachment out. both the attachment and meat had been in the freezer. The hand mixing was a challenge on 10 pounds, like catching fish in the dead of winter with your hands, but got it done. I had 2 lady's in our church sit with me at a dinner we had Wednesday. I had made some of the sauces and they really liked it so I told them I have a smoking problem. I love to smoke meats anyway these are 2 of the kindest people I have ever met, so I did a brisket for them today, and when they came to get it I put the burnt ends where they could do a taste test. It was great to watch them take that first bite. I did get the sausages done and made New Orleans French bread and Olive oil Brioche Buns, homemade cole slaw, and homemade coleslaw dressing and it was amazing. Could not decide which bread so I did 1/2 of each. Holy smokes was it good. Threw a few picks of the brisket in there as well.
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Lol I am a Bama fam born and raised in Mobile Al. Moved here in 1998 so this is home. think all my friends are State Fans.Been to a few State games and had a great time.
Good stuff! What part of Mississippi do you live in?

And this:
The hand mixing was a challenge on 10 pounds, like catching fish in the dead of winter with your hands, but got it done.
Tip: pick up some of those cheap polypropylene liner gloves from walmart...they are like 3 pairs for $2 or some such...probably a little more now. Wear those under your disposable nitrile gloves. You will thank me later.....keeps you hand warm, and more importantly-keeps the meat colder while you mix. When the meat tries to pull the gloves off-you are done.
Brandon, Miss. eh??? There's a joke in there somewhere...LOL!! Keep posting your successes and asking questions....you'll learn more here than you ever thought possible.....
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No input here as to where you are living, all sounds miserable to me. Get any kind of gloves imaginable, spray them with Pam, no stick, rinse in hot water. Links look great! RAY
Sausage and brisket look good! But...I really like your bread making!

Looks great! Nice work!

I used my Kitchen Aid meat grinder for a good while and totally understand your challenges - lol. I still use it for 1 pound batches of ham salad. You do have to appreciate a household appliance with a PTO!
I finally broke down and bought a LEM Big Bite #8. It says it can do 7 pounds per minute but it would have to be perfectly fed...still...it is quiet as a can opener and easily does 3 or 4 pounds per minute. If you keep going, this would be a great Christmas present for you!
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