Kitchen Aid mixer meat grinder

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I bought a cheap grinder on Amazon and it works better than the KA, but I would love to have a bigger grinder. The grinding is the slowest part of the process for me. would love the LEM #8 or bigger

I did the same thing (STX Turboforce Cadet), but after probably less than a dozen grinds of 5lbs or less, it crapped out on me.

Got the LEM #8 and am VERY happy with it so far. As for the size, a #8 suits my needs as I grind only 5-or-so pounds at a time.
Well - my plastic kitchen aid grinder attachment that I have had for I cannot remember how many years or how many sausages it has ground (on a casual basis), finally gave up the ghost and exploded while grinding the trim from one of the prime boneless chuck shoulder roasts I cooked - the grinder housing cracked and was pushed right off the metal collar. I guess I got over-zealous and just put too much of too large chunks in...

I was seriously looking at this stainless steel attachment in this thread but for the once or twice every 5-years that I actually grind 5-lbs or 10-lbs of sausage or hamburger I bought the Kitchen Aid metal grinder attachment from Amazon for a bit less money.

We'll see how it goes.

I broke out my plastic KA grinder attachment the other day to make a 1/2lb test batch of Pop's breakfast sausage. For a tiny batch like that, it worked perfectly!
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I used my "metal " (aluminum) KA grinder attachment to grind up some near frozen chuck trimmings this morning and its not bad at all - quite a bit larger and stouter than the plastic version. Did a great job on the 8-lbs of trimmings I saved up - should make some great smash burgers!

I just fried up the 1/4 lb of ground chuck that was left after seasoning with SPOG and forming into 1/2-lb burgers for the freezer and DAMN that **** was good! :emoji_astonished:


(14) 1/2-lb burgers to be frozen so a little less than the 8-lbs I estimated.
I just ordered this. It is all stainless steel made in the US of A. The company is called Smokehouse Chef out of Texas.

It was $159.00 with free shipping and no tax. Kitchen Aid meat grinder

I have never made sausage and figured this was the best way into learning this process without going crazy.
I have similar and used it a ton when I first started out. I now use a LEM Big Bite #8 and love it. HOWEVER, for small batches, like for 1 or 2 pounds of breakfast sausage or a pound or two of ham salad, I still use the Kitchen Aid attachment.

You have to love a kitchen appliance that has a PTO!
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