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how does your favorite cutting board look?

bbq bubba

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got nice enough to go out in the shop tonite, (my SECOND hobby is woodworking), decided to clean up my cutting board ( i made this one!) and reseal it, ready for another season of brisket and rib cuttin!!

i was wondering who's got the biggest one? (cutting board that is!!!)

up in smoke

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I went to a kitchen supply store (generally not opened to the public) and picked up a AB-NSF 15"x20"x3/4" plastic cutting board, I asked the guy how much, he said very unenthusiastically, I dunno give me $10…(I found out later they are like $30 bucks at Bed, Bath & Beyond) Done sez I!

The AB-NSF antimicrobial polysafe cutting board is great for professional food service use, or for the home. These super-sanitary cutting boards help inhibit the growth of bacteria. Perfect for poultry, fish or meat. The high-density polypropylene is gentle on your knives, but still sturdy, dishwasher safe and non-absorbent.

P.S. If the polypropylene cutting board doesn’t have feet…lay it on a tea towel and it won’t budge!


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I have the same cutting board. Picked it up at an auction for a buck, never used. I also have several wooden boards that I built.
I own an old grocery store building and the old owners left a butcher block behind that is 2 feet thick X 4 feet X 4 feet and on legs.


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After our meat shop caught fire and Dad decided that it was time to retire, he asked me if I wanted one of the butcher blocks (we had three). I was living in an apartment at the time and didn't have room for it. Nowaday I wish I had it. You be one lucky dude, Gunny!!


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You guys do have a big cutting block if i can call it that. As for me all i use now is what i made in high school 40 years ago. It is 15 inches square by 2 1/2 inches thick. Every other year or so just sand it down some and recoat with cooking oil. But as you can see it's kinda small so in the next couple of weeks will probably make another, been thinking about it for a few weeks. Guess it's time to get off lazy behind and get r done.


larry maddock

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i have a 18" X 24" X 1" wooden one--
it has hand grip/handle in it.
it doesnt get used much ---
i got it and vcr at garage sale for 3 bucks..
it hangs in my kitchen along with the GOOD pots i never use...

most of my cutting is done on plastic sheet cutting board--
16" x 18" X1/64"
it stores easily--
it easy to clean--
at big lots--for a buck


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Mine is like Larry's. I bought a four pack at bed bath and beyond for $5.00 that are color coded for different meats/veg/fish/poultry. I've got a big wood board but I just put the plastic ones on top and when I'm through I toss them in the dishwasher.


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I've got several white poly boards ranging from 5x7 for sicing tomatos to 14x18 for big meat. Nothing fancy.

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