Hickory Smoked Burgers, Mini Pizza Snacks & !@$%

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Sep 20, 2012
Middle of Nowhere, South Central PA
Sadly something came up today & I had to go away so I didn't get to do the smoke I wanted.  So to do something easy & still quick I decided to make some smoked burgers with some of the mini pizza snacks I like to make & an as of yet undecided item.

I formed a couple burgers from beef that I ground while the AMNPS was starting on hickory pellets. Once it was lit I put them in the MES to soak up some smoke while I started on the dough. The MES wasn't turned on yet...

Once the dough had risen & was ready I turned on the MES to warm up & shortly after that I took out the burgers to save for the grill. The burgers got an hour of good hickory smoke.

I formed the dough & it was ready for toppings.

Put some toppings & herbs on.

Then some more toppings.

Closer view of a mini pizza snack.

Then they went into the MES at 296[sup]o[/sup] to do their thing.

Updates to follow...
I fired up some Stubbs & put the burgers on the grill. Right after that some friends called to see about shooting pool & playing some pinball so I threw some dogs on too.

Burgers & dogs yup.

The mini pizza snacks were done in an hour so I took them out.

Close up view of a mini pizza snack. The smoky dough & fresh sliced tomato with herbs give these a great flavor & they are quick & easy to make. They are quite filling too & make a great addition to a quick meal.

Well I need to go shoot some pool!  
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You can't go shoot pool, you still have burgers and dogs on????????????
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