Pizza sauce

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Jan 16, 2024
Southcentral PA
Here's a simple NY style pizza sauce I make using 7/11 tomatoes I get from the restaurant store.

#10 can of 7/11 ground tomatoes (6lb 9oz or 2976.7g)
45 g table sugar (about 3 TBS)
1.2g oregano
10g kosher or sea salt
2g garlic powder
1 glass of wine or beer for the cook

Heat to a simmer to hot pack into mason jars.


Bring to a simmer.


The oregano I use, really like the flavor...


Hot tomato sauce into pre-heated jars...


Hot water can for 45-50 minutes. pH was 4.13 so good on that end. Off the heat here, ready to remove jars.


Cool and label. I tend to use it pretty quickly since we normally make pizza once a weekend.


Makes 3 2/3 quart jars, I'll use the partially filled one, which is refrigerated, for pizza today.

Hope you enjoy it if you make it!
Hah! Just used up the last of mine on pizza today.
Have same size can of 7/11 in the pantry and will be making mine this week.
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