Hello From Peculiar MO.

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Original poster
Mar 17, 2007
Peculiar, MO
Hello everybody, I am extremly new to this smoking stuff, but a 4:30 this morning I put in my first smoke, a 10lbs brisket, I have no idea on what I am doing but I guess its time to learn, My name is Henry Hrabovsky and have a Brinkmann Smoke N Pit, Wally World special, but I should have checked here first and bought the Big Block Gasser, but More to come I'm sure, so other than Jeffs 5 day course, any help would be Great.

Welcome to the SMF Henry....you have a lot of smokin company in the forum from fellow Missourians(is that right??) Sounds like you covered the basics with the e-course....just let us know if you have any questions.

Good Luck with your brisket and remember we love picture's.
Welcome to the forum hhrabovsky21. Glad to have you here. Did you do your homework before jumping into that brisket? Hope it comes out good for you. There's another person here from your fair village by the name of Peculiarmike. He'll be good help for ya. Looking forward to seeing how that brisket comes out.

Keep Smokin
Kinda ODD isn't it?
Hey Henry, welcome, glad to see you here, you will feel right at home and learn a LOT from the smoke masters.
I'm 3 miles south on C, in Shaddow Hills. Need anything let me know.
Also, you might be interested in the SMF gathering in June down at Truman, possibly at Bucksaw. Check it out in the forums.
Smoke on!
Thanks Everybody for the warm welcome, and if I have any questions I will ask Thanks PeculiarMike, I know where the neighborhood is, I am Right in town on Broadway (east side) so the smoke shop is close, but this is what I have so far
Welcome Henry! Glad you are here.

Good luck with that brisket. Lookin' good so far.

Seems very peculiar!!! LOL

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Welcome to the SMF
That pit looks to clean...Let's ditry it up with some good smokin'... What type of wood are you using?
I'm using Lump charcoal and Pecan wood, the guy at the local smoke shop Cass County Meat said he loves to smoke with pecan wood, so thats what I grabed, and yes the grill is clean, I got it about a week ago, but so far so good, so I will see how it goes. Thanks everybody.
Looks fantastic hhrabovsky2!!!!!!! Wish my first brisket woulda looked as good as that.....we just refer to it as the hockey puck with hickory.
Wife has Cass County Meats cater some of her meetings and training sessions at the phone co. They serve up good brisket and sides, know what they are doing. He steered you right with the pecan.
Well Finally sat down and had the parents out for food, and They said it was really good, it was juicy and tender was only in for about 9-10 hours I think I did have some really high temps for a little while, because I dont know what I was doing but It was really fun doing it, I think I have the bug, Thanks everybody for everything.
The pecan wood was great, I'm going to get some more in a couple days and get ready to try something diffrent this weekend, maybe a turkey breast or something.
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