Hello! From Australia

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Dec 29, 2023
Hello! I am brand new to smoking but long time meat lover. I got a chargrilled Akron for Christmas and I have made a few things so far.

I’m in Australia so I’m finding the conversion from C to F hard and the names for different cuts a bit of a challenge but I am enjoying it regardless.
Welcome from Hawaii!! I Have an Akorn and have smoked some great meals on it. It is a nice smoker but just have to dial in your temps. Once you shoot past your target temp it takes time to bring it back down. For hot and fast grilling it is great!
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Welcome from the US east coast! For temps, I’d recommend making a cheat sheet showing temps with degF and corresponding degC next to it. Maybe one for meat temps and one for smoker temps. That way you won’t have to convert all the time and eventually you’ll know without looking.
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Welcome from Mississippi! You Aussie guys are gonna have to arrange your own Down under Gathering for SMF.

Missed this in the post holidays activities. Welcome from Ohio. Anytime you are having trouble with cut info post up questions. Tons of folks here to help.
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