Hello from Greenwood

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Sep 1, 2023
New to the forum, looking for tip and advice.
Have an Electric Bradley which uses Bisquettes for smoke source. Been smoking for about 3 years. Bit pricey but good smoke flavor.
Smoke mostly Chuck Roast, Pork Loin and Chicken.

Looking for the best affordable Bluetooth or WiFi multi-probe thermometer. Wife bought me one and it work for about 1 1/2 yrs and then company went out of business and the app is broken.

Pic is of roast in smoker right now. Almost done!


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Don't have the Inkbird, but will be my next purchase after the Walmart POS dies. Walmart was an emergency purchase when my previous unit with a remote monitor died in the middle of a cook.
Friend of mine has a Bradley that turns out some good smokes.
Yep the hockey pucks are not cheap.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome from Mississippi! I echo the others on the Inkbirdbbq Inkbirdbbq therms. I've got the 4 probe one that I've been using heavily for 3 yrs now. Check the calibration on it occ and it stays right on.

I started out with a Maverick (as many did)
I let a heavy dewfall get to it one night (the ONE time I didn't put the unit in a Ziploc bag) and replaced it with the Inkbird 4 probe.

It's been great. I bought an insta read to complete the set. Both are rechargeable, which I like, and the probes are nigh indestructible whereas I went through a few with the Maverick.
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I actually have the Maverick I bought shortly after I joined, but don't use it anymore. It still works, too and the meat and grate probes are original. I also have the Inkbird rechargeable insta read to go with the 4 probe as well.
O.K., InkBird has enough votes from all of you. I am getting tired of having to check the device I have every hour, then every 30 minutes and then every 15 minutes.

Where can I look on the forum to see if there are currently any InkBird discount codes?

Thanks for all the welcomes and advise.
Greenwood?????South Carolina?
Dunno but I do know that Lake Greenwood had enough trees left in it in the late 90's that it was almost impossible to catfish out of. I've almost always used 50lb braid and 30lb mono leaders and it was nothing to lose half a spool of braid in a weekend trip. Like they'd managed to grow new trees underwater since they'd built the dam.
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