Greetings from Central AZ

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Dec 22, 2023
HI, I'm Dave. I've had a Bradley 6 rack digital that I have highly modified for about 4 years now. A couple of years ago a friend and neighbor moved away, and left me his MES 30 gen 1. Both smokers are running homebrew pids, and I have recently added the MB cold smoker so I have the independent control of heat and smoke on the MES as well. Shoutout to tallbm tallbm for the the excellent writeup on the easy wiring bypass for the MES.

For having two smokers, I don't actually do that much smoking, as one run provides a lot of meat for the wife and I. I have been enjoying reading recipes here and finding new ideas for smoked foods. I also sous vide sometimes, and frequently do your typical backyard grilling.
Welcome, be sure to post some pics of your cooks. Also many would be interested to see pics of your PID builds as well.
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Welcome aboard from OHIO! Looking forward to seeing some cooks from you!
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Saying that you have too many smokers is like saying you have too much money. No-one believes it! :emoji_laughing:

Welcome to SMF from Southeast Missouri!
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