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  1. Super new to low and slow cooking, though I have been grilling over mesquite for most of my life since I grew up in South Texas. I was gifted an offset smoker for my birthday last month (an Old Country Pecos smoker) and I have already been frequently visiting this forum for several weeks now trying to eat up all the great information within this forum and I cannot wait to get my first smokes under my belt! 

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! Happy smoking everyone!

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  3. Thanks for sharing some beginners insights with me. The plan for this weekend is to season it out, and speaking of seasoning, do you coat the outside of the grill with oil as well, or just the inside? Then probably try and make some chicken or some sausage like you suggested. I have a freezer full of hog meat from a successful hunt last month, and yeah, I am definitely really excited to start this new journey.

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  5. Thanks again Mauser! I suppose I will spray the inside with oil and keep a can of high heat rustoleum for the outside.

    Happy smoking!

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    Welcome to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us!

  7. Thanks SmokinAl!


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