Dum Dum wants to smoke meat

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Jan 8, 2024
Greetings from North Alabama, and thanks for letting the uneducated like me to observe and sometimes participate. So a buddy built a RF stick burner about a decade ago. I knew I wanted to try my hand at this sport one day. So here I am. Never really smoked any food in my life until this past spring. Our gas grill finally ran out of lives and we decided to try out a combo Pit Boss POS. The gas grill side I have zero complaints. The “smoker” side…well let’s say, I should’ve put an electric range on the back porch with about three smoke tubes in it. Would’ve gotten better results. Anyways, I’ve been in construction most of my life(family business). Mixed in some gunsmith work in over the past few years. I’ve recently been gifted a 250gal propane tank. So it’s time to jump into a new sport. I’ve produced some pretty good meals from that piece of trash taking up porch space so surely I can get something going with a real cooker. I’ve been polishing up my Math skills with Dave’s equations. Super stoked that y’all are so open about a lot of this. Thank you again for letting me stalk the group. Oh and by the way I suck at writing, proofreading is optional right??
Welcome from Colorado. Real nice bunch here with tons of knowledge and for the most part are willing to share that in answering questions. So ask away.
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Thanks. I’m still gathering up materials and a company right down the street is making me an axle. No dead set designs yet. I’ll be around
Welcome from Ohio, glad to have you. Lots of good folks here to help on the build for sure. Proofreading is definitely optional!
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Welcome and remember the build is suppose to be fun.

The next piece of advice I’ll share so you don’t have to ask is don’t worry about getting the calculations fine tuned down to the nats….. just remember have a generous fire box intake, a generous opening into the cooking chamber and under under the RF plate and a larger and taller stack won’t hurt a thing, ie round up and add a little bit for good measure…..anyone of these elements a bit to small will really have a huge negative affect! When you start post a build t thread under the RF section!
Welcome from Iowa! Good to have you join us. Definitely post up pics when you start your build... look forward to it.

Howdy, and welcome to the group from New Mexico.

If you want, start a new thread and tell us what kind of problems you are having with the Pit Boss.
we may be able to help.
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