Aloha all,

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Mar 25, 2024
Aloha All,

Name- Guy
Occupation- carpenter
Gender- male
Age- OLD (scorpio)
Hobbies- eatting, smoking, sleeping.

all jokes aside, I have been searching for a forum to help with questions for a offset build.
Being in Hawai’i options for offset smokers are limited.
I had a homemade offset (not a very good one) before but had to get get rid of it due too circumstances at the time.
At the moment I have a Webber kettle 26, a Traeger Silverton 620 pellet and a Kamado joe Big joe ll and I love them all but really want an offset smoker.

Anyways, Hello everyone hope your Easter is well and full of smoked eats!

Eh, What U Smoking?



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Welcome Guy, from Colorado. Looks like you'll fit right in. Those beef ribs got me drooling already. 🤤
Aloha from Indiana, and welcome! Great looking set of dino bones there Guy. Understand the desire for an offset but looks like you are pretty well covered for smoking until you finally get an offset built. There a number of members here that can help with the offset questions so ask away.
Welcome from Ohio Guy. You found me the right place, lots of folks who can advise on builds.
Welcome Guy from Nova Scotia.

From 1 carpenter to another , old is only a figure and I figure with all the snaps and pops every morning when I crawl out of bed, I am old also.

You are going to love this place and all the helpful folks here.

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Welcome Guy, I am in Kailua. Great site to be on. I hear you about finding a good smoker here. I have the Char Griller Grand Champ from Home Depot. If you are set on building your own I am sure you will find lots of help and info here!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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