Ham for Easter, Smithfield cured/uncooked on the WSM, w/Q-view

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinal, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Smoked ham is becoming a favorite around here. I have been buying Smithfield cured/uncooked hams and they are tops as far as we are concerned. They are the only ham that you can safely cook to 148 degrees according to Smithfield. The USDA will tell you that Smithfield takes full responsibility for their hams & the USDA recommends that you take uncooked ham to 160 degrees. I buy these hams because they are the most tender juicy hams I have ever eaten. Maybe it's because you can take them to 148 instead of 160. The first one I did I took it to 160, because I didn't read the label & just assumed it had to go to 160. It was a little dry. After reading the label I realized I overcooked it & the next time at 148 it was awesome. I don't recommend anyone doing anything that the USDA does not recommend, but I have smoked several of these with tremendous results taking them to 148. I have taken a photo of the label on the ham so you can see they tell you to take it to 148. Whatever ham or pork or beef product you buy, go buy what the processor's label says as far as cooking temps go. If there is no label go by the USDA guidelines. No one here wants to get anyone sick with their cooking. All that being said lets get on with the ham smoke. First here's a shot of the label on the ham.


    You can see it clearly states take to 148 IT. Now lets get on with it. Here's a shot of the ham just out of the package:


    Next I trimmed the skin & most of the fat off:


    I put a rub on consisting of the following. They were mixed together to a consistency of peanut butter. I didn't really measure anything, just put it together until it tasted good.


    Rubbed it on the ham after scoring it in a crosshatch pattern.


    Fired up the WSM, set the BBQ guru at 210 and made a few ABT's & a batch of beans. For the ABT's I just used sharp cheddar & no bacon. Trying to be more healthy.  [​IMG]   


    In the pan covered in cheese.


    The beans were pretty simple. Here's what I put in them. Once again I really don't do too much measuring, and Judy said the beans tasted different again. Well at least I'm not in a rut doing the same thing every time. Here's what went into them.


    Here they are ready for the smoker.


    OK it's time to get all the stuff on the smoker. The ham is on the bottom grate and the beans & ABT's are on the top.


    Next I put all the fat I trimmed off the ham on the top grate above the ham so it bastes it & keeps it nice & moist.


    Well it's been 3 hours & it's snack time. The ABT's are ready to eat.


    It's 4 hours now & the beans are done. Gotta have a bowl while we wait for the ham.


    Well the ham is finally done. Right at 5 hours. I'm gonna rest it on the counter with a foil cover for about an hour. It's cocktail time & We're not ready to eat yet. 



    About 1 hour later Judy's scalloped potatoes are done. These guys are awesome. It's her mothers recipe & they go with ham like PB & jelly.


    OK it's time to slice the ham. I'm getting hungry!


    Here's another shot.


    Ham. scalloped potatoes, & beans. I think it's Easter!


    Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoyed the show. Remember to look at the label on your ham for cooking instructions & if there is no label always go by the USDA guidelines. 
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  2. les3176

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    All looks great AL!!! Did you smoke the scalloped taters as well??
  3. meateater

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    Al that ham and all the sides look great.I like the way you did the ABT'S, that I will have to try very soon. 
  4. flyfishjeep

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    I too like the ABT's in the tin.  I'm a sucker for the crispy cheese.  I will try that on my next smoke.
  5. smokinal

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    Not this time. We did them in the oven. They really take on a lot of smoke, and to get the potatoes done they have to be in the smoker about 5 hours & we found that they just get too smoky. I think the way to do them would be to smoke them about 1 hour then finish them off in the oven.
  6. smokinal

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    Now for Sunday morning breakfast. Scrambled eggs, ham  cubed up & a little mozz. cheese.

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  7. flareside92

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    Great looking meal!
  8. fife

    fife Master of the Pit

    [​IMG]Happy Easter
  9. realtorterry

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    That rub came out nice Al! The crosshatch really looks great.

    I gotta ask though, why cut the skin off? Wouldn't that have helped with any drying out? Was it to get the rub closer to the ham? Is it necessary? I have one just like it ready to go for today, but I left the skin on? Now you got me questioning it?
  10. bearcarver

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    All looks fantastic Al !!!!

    Now you got me drooling already, and it's still 5 hours before I get to eat Prime Rib at my Son's house!

    You really got this Ham thing down pat----And great instructions on the temps!

    On those Twin Hams I just did the other day, I cut the skin off & a little fat, but I should have cut more fat off than I did.

    The 1/2" thick fat blocked some of the smoke, and we ended up cutting the fat off anyway.

    Next time I'm only gonna make one Ham, and I'll drop it down to my third shelf, so I can put the trimmed fat on the first shelf above it !

    Thanks Al,

  11. Al another fantastic looking Ham. That cooking to 148 sure looks like the way to go...it looks extra juicy. The thing i love about ham is the variety of dishes a person can make with the leftovers. I have to agree with Bear you sure have smoking ham down to a art form.

  12. bearcarver

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    Remember---Like Al said, "That 148˚ is only for the Smithfield Ham that says 148˚ on the label." Other Hams not previously cooked would have to go to 160˚, unless they tell you something different on their labels.

    Hmmmm A Bear makes Nice Bears.

    I guess a Ham makes Nice Hams?

  13. Thanks for the concern Bear...I like being safe not sorry.[​IMG]  Al where do you get these Smithfield hams?  Around here the hams we see are Hillshire Farms and Cooks usually. Seeing the juice on your plate sure makes me want to smoke up one of those Smithfield hams. [​IMG]
  14. beer-b-q

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    Nice Job Al that ham looks great, so do the other dishes...[​IMG]
  15. smokinal

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    I cut the skin & most of the fat off so the rub & smoke gets down to the meat. I have found that if you leave it on, that's where all the flavor is & most people just throw it away before they eat it. You can see I put the fat & skin in the smoker above the ham so as it melted away it would drip on the ham keeping it moist.

    Wally world has them all the time here. It is the only uncooked ham that they carry.
  16. forluvofsmoke

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    Nice smoke, Al! Killer juices in that ham! Well, let me just say there's nothing I've seen here that wouldn't be eaten by me or anyone else in this house...fine meal(s).

    Gotta love those Smithfield's. We're kinda partial to them here as well. Great ham product, and the price isn't out of line either.

    Agree with Bear on your instructions, too...read the label, and if all else fails go with USDA guidelines.

    Thanks for spreading the word in such a tasty looking fashion, brother!

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  17. You have inspired me to smoke a ham...... very nice!!
  18. smokinal

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    Thanks Eric, You always have such great threads and I really appreciate you kind comments.

    Thanks beer & all you other guys, It really feels good to have your positive input on something I smoked. It makes a good meal even better!
  19. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Thanks Bear, I think once you put the fat on top for basting you will find that this is one of the best things you can do to keep the meat moist. I have been doing this with everything I smoke that has any fat to trim off. I even tried it with ribs, but since there wasn't any fat to trim I just put a couple of fatties on top & let the bacon grease drip on the ribs. I think I have found something here that will really enhance just about anything you smoke & I am happy that I can share this with my SMF family.
  20. jirodriguez

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    Nice job Al! Everything there looks like it turned out really good! Hope you and Judy had a happy easter!

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