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    hi guys , thought i would throw a little smoke on a cured ham for xmas, the local market had two cuts a shank portion ham and a butt portion ham i was just wondern are both of those from the hind end of the porker or is that butt cut from the shoulder like a boston butt. also they advertised a fresh pork ham for 99cents a lb do these smoke up like shoulder/butt ?
    thanks in advance for your responses
    ga rick
  2. The shank portion is the lower leg the butt portion is the upper leg. The butt portion is usually considered the more desirable piece as it contains less collagen, more meat and easier bones to remove. A ham made from the shoulder or boson butt is generally known as a cottage roll. Lower shoulder ham is called a picnic ham. Any of these hams that are brined but not cooked or smoked are usually labelled "sweet pickle" but it really depends on where you're from.-The fresh would not be cured and would need brining before smoking.
  3. Pretty good description, but to clarify, a bit more..

    The full ham first off, is whole hind leg of the pig, removed from the carcass partially skinned, then cured;. If the ham has been cut in ½, the upper cut (towards the ass of the animal) would be the Butt end of the ham. The lower cut (towards the hoof) would be the shank end of the ham.

    The (Boston) butt is a cut of pork that comes from the upper part of the ft. shoulder. The Picnic is the taken from the upper part of the foreleg and includes a portion of the shoulder. Usually a bit tougher than the butt

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