Spiral Ham for One

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Aug 1, 2018
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I have a Frick's spiral ham. Normally I would just smoke it and portion out to give to friends. Since this is a holiday they will have their own left overs. I am undecided on what to do. I am also waiting on new vacuum sealer as I had to return previous one and threw away inkbird as it became a fire hazard. Suppose to be here Sunday but who knows? I was thinking of just cut the slices off and cook the portion that left on the bone?
I like the plan of sharing with the folks at the river. I'm sure they would be more than appreciative.

I was going to suggest a pea soup or ham salad with the leftovers, but it sounds like you already have a good plan Brian. Good for you helping out a neighbor in need.

Point for sure
Generous of you. I smoked a 20 lb PB and smoked some cheese for my family contributions this year. Most of my cooking is just for one person. When I smoke a ham I just make thin layers in zip lock bags and use the "suck out the excess air with a plastic straw" trick then freeze flat in a pan, then stack in the freezer corner or stacked in the door slots for what ever use I have for it later. What ever is left on the bone and fatty discards go in a gallon bag to freeze to add to a pot of beans later. That has been working well for me for years. Thanks for posting and Merry Christmas to every one.
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Good to see your still cooking and helping out anyone that you see can use the help.

Good on you Brian , you have a very kind heart.
Best wishes to you over the holidays.

Times counting down on getting your hands looked after also.

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