Greetings from AZ

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Jul 26, 2023
Tony here. I’ve been smoking meats for about 50 years. Started out with one of those small Coleman water smokers and surprisingly had decent results for a beginner. My friends and I enjoyed smoked meat so much that I bought a double size Coleman, which rusted out after 5 years. After seeing the Cookshack with automatic temperature control I decided that was for me. I enjoyed it for many years until I tasted meats smoked on the WSM. I immediately gave the Cookshack to my grandson and bought the WSM. I added on an IQ temperature controller and a meat hanger. Love this thing.

I now own the 18” WSM, a Weber kettle and a wi-fi Camp Chef pellet grill. Sold my gas passer.

I’m so looking forward to tapping the wealth of information available on this sight!
Welcome from Michigan! Lived in Tucson for a few years and just moved back to the frozen North a year and a half ago. Don't miss tending a smoker in 100+ heat temps!

PS: I am another newbie on here.
Welcome from Colorado. Looking forward to seeing your cooks. Not much beats experience.
Welcome from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
Started on open fire cooking then bought one of those torpedo's use many years before rust got it.

Welcome from a former Arizonan now living in the Ninth Circle of Hell. You will find a lot of great people and information here!
Don’t know where the ninth circle of hell is but it’s been over 115 degrees here in Chandler for the last
Greeting Tony, and welcome to the group from New Mexico.
I was given a jar of New Mexico green chile rub. Can’t wait to try it.
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Don’t know where the ninth circle of hell is but it’s been over 115 degrees here in Chandler for the last
I will not deny that it gets hot in AZ - I've seen 121-degrees in Scottsdale - but as they say, it's a dry heat.

However, while most of central Texas - AKA the Ninth Circle of Hell - is not technically a desert, 100-degrees and 90% humidity will suck the life out of you in minutes.
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