Flat Tops - Grease splatter?

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I have a chargriller flat iron and I don’t have any grease splatter issues. Only thing I run into is a place to put my spatulas while cooking so I usually set them on a towel. I do have a mat under the griddle on concrete. I just try to make sure the grease is moving to the drain while cooking foods that are greasy. Get one you won’t regret it.
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Most concrete only falls 1/4" per foot . Just orient the drain towards the fall .
I disagree. I want it flat to better than 1/8" over the entire 3'x2' surface.
Keep these griddles conditioned and they're extremely slick. Crack an egg on an unleveled griddle and it goes sailing. (Though maybe not an issue if you only use meat or hash browns, etc) Use a dedicated scraper, spatula, or spackling knife to move excess grease (and cleaning water) to the drain. There too, you kind of want the water to stay put and float up the weird stuff that always seem to be there. I want to make a conscious effort to move that steamy water away.
....how to best go about leveling...
Mine's on a patio slab. It's level left to right but slopes down (to the front) about 1/4" per foot as chopsaw wisely notes. I have two cheap bathroom wall tiles (~3/8" thick) for the front legs (actually wheels) to sit on. I seldom move it; if I did I'd probably put a couple small marks/indentations on the slab so I could relocate the tiles and griddle itself to the same location repeatably.

For a driveway, the slope can be enormous. I'd consider bricks and half-height bricks. (My goal is to avoid anything that leaves a rust stain.) Even then, if it rolls off, results could be pretty bad so you probably want some way having the wheels settle into a divot for stability. Grand Piano leg caster cups come to mind.

If you can orient the griddle so the long way is going down the slope, you may be able to change wheel diameter to make it sit level as long as that's where it's always going to sit. Then you just need to chock the leading wheels so it doesn't roll away. I find a length of chain is great for that. I keep a 3' length in my trunk to throw under my shopping cart so it doesn't roll away while I'm unloading it.
I usually use a bib. If not, it tends to fall right on the "ledge" that protrudes from my rib cage.......Oh you meant on the floor, yeah I got nothing! It really isnt a huge issue for me. Now I have put an old bucket down behind my blackstone when I noticed the grease trap was kinda full and I had already started cooking.
We have a Camp Chef 36” & we don’t get splatter, but I did buy a metal cover that will hang on the back & act as a grease & heat shield. The problem with our CS is it’s old & the front grease drain is great for grease, but if you clean your flat top with water, it will fill up & need to be dumped at least 2 or 3 times, depending on what you were cooking.
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