first turkey breast tips...

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Feb 22, 2014

Just picked this up. Id like temp tips and estimated time it should tak as well as when and where to insert maverick probe. Drom youguys. Ill be sure to post results with pics.

Its 3 pounds. I may pick up some injectable marinads but havnt decided. I was going to get a small turkey but no one else will eat darkmeat with me.

With a small turkey do i need to worry about the danger zone? And does the danger zone only refer to poultry prarily?

Will be smoked with apple and cherry wood. I have a masterbuilt propane smoker.

I bought some mountain man rub and brine concentrate from cabelas for my tri tip i liked it. Not sure how well it would go with turkey though. Im open for suggestions

Im a new smoker ive done a pork loin. Tri tip and some drum sticks. All were great. I have been lurking on here the past few weeks so you will be seeing more of me around
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Sorry for awful grammer and spelling. Fat fingers on a touch keyboard....

Looking fwd to yalls replies!
Its all in what you want........ you can either low and slow or fast and hot. Your IT is 165 to shot for at middle of the thickest portion of the breast. You can brine, inject, and rub all bringing flavor modifiers to the breast.

Personally I would brine the breast, no it doesn't add moisture, its to add flavor. Basic brine is 1C of salt, sugar, brown sugar to 1 gal of water. Me I use more sugar and less salt. It all depends upon how big the breast is. If it will fit in a 1 gal ziplock, I would mix up 2 qts water, 1/3C salt, 1/2C white sugar, 1/2C light brown sugar, and your choice of flavor modifiers, parsley sage rosemary thyme garlic onion etc ..... Don't go overboard, I suggest you pick only one or two, if you use 'em all the flavor becomes all muddied up. I would probably no more than a Tbsp of your flavors.

Heat a Qt. of water, add your spices and herbs, and make sure those dissolvable are dissolved. Add ice to cool it down and top off with cold water to equal 2 qts. total. Clean and wash the breast, put in the ziplock bag, pour as much brine as possible in the bag and seal it. Let it sit 24 hours.

Pull rinse and pat dry, return uncovered to the fridge for 4 to 24 hours to dry.

Smoke at 300 to get a crisper shin although it may not need that long a cook to get to 165 IT. Myself I would do a low and slow, maybe 200 to 210 and get there slowly. Either way works, low and slow to me means guaranteed tender out of this word. But everyone has their opinions upon this. Although it is a much longer smoke.

I understand gorilla fingers.

Ok, with your propane you'll more than likely go fast and hot, I use 300 to 325 and its still a 165 IT

J-man, if ya get a chance please click on the above toolbar the "My Profile" Icon and give us as much or as little as you'd like to say about yourself. The most important is your local, where do you hang your hat at night? It makes a big difference in questions and discussions and explains a lot to others. Thank you

And remember to have fun and enjoy the smoke!
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What kind of time frame would you estimate at different temps?

Im tryin to decide if i can start it friday at 330 to have for dinner or start at lunch time saturday for dinner....

Thank you
Remember to let it rest before carving so the juices can reincorporate into the meat and squirt out lost to the pan. Depending upon your temp, high temp, 2/2.5 hours. low temp 4/4.5? These are all relative cause I don't know your smoker or how you'll prepare it.

I'd probably do Saturday if its your first time. You could probably make it Friday, but its about relaxing and taking your time. I try never to cook by the clock because the clock always wins.
Thanks for the replies fellows. I will post results with pics here. I think im gonna do it saturday and have it for dinner. Im passing the brine recipe along to my lady. We can usually come up with a good concoction together.... stay tuned
I am roasting one of those in the over for dinner tonight.  There is a gravy packet in there, so I don't know if they count that in the 3lb weight or not.

I believe it already has a 10% solution added from the factory.  I don't know how much flavors of a brine it will absorb.  Even smoked plain it will probably be pretty good.

In a 350° oven it takes about 2.5 hours per package directions.  It is wrapped in a net as well.

I like to give them things an overnight marinade in Kraft 7 Seas Viva Eyetalian Dressing followed by a rub and into the smoke at around 250 till it hits 160 internal. Main thing is dont over cook it. Dont think a brine would be a good idea since its already been brined once at the factory. Keeps us posted.
Ive got it ready. Gonna put it on the smoker about noon at 225*. Do i remove the net its wrapped in? It seems to be holding it all together.....

I cut the net a little and put seasoning in where the meat is separated, then tied it back that way i got seasoning internally.

Will i need to worry about danger zone? @225* and 3lbs.

Is danger zone mainly associated wirh poiltry?

Cabelas mountain man bourban rub seasoning....

Ive got some budweiser i was thinking of getting a small brownie tray pouring beer in that amd smoking the turkey in the tray.... thoughts? Or just throw it on the rack

To foil or not to foil?

So many possibilities what will i ever do...
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one hour in... i was playing with vents and started a chunk on fire. Natural i tried to blow it out and caused some ash to move around the chamber and turkey. I added water over the turkey to wash ash into the tray. How do you keep ash from flying around the chamber?

Gave it a dr pepper honey bath and shut the door.... stay tuned

Clear of danger zone 3 hours in...

Upped the heat range too. Smoker is running hotter than usual today not sure why

Debating on wrapping it now.... hmmm
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Right right. I do not like to torture barnyard avians or their sundry parts at low temps. Now much good can happen over long exapanses of time other than getting dried out. Kick that heat up a Leave the net on. No tinfol until its done..then give it a wrap and into the insulated hot box for at least an hour..half a day is
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