Weather Break Turkey Breast

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Jan 18, 2021
Merriam, KS
We got a break in the weather, all the way up to 39*f. Rockin' out on the patio.

Had a turkey breast thawed so on it went while I did some shoveling, had 6" +/- yesterday.
Nothing fancy at all, just coated with evoo and seasoned with Jeff's. Started out at 200*f, about an hour in.

Looks pretty good so far.
Bumped it up to 350, shouldn't be long.
Nice . I have a whole chicken thawed , but with the single digits rolling in I'm thinking D.O. in the house .
I see you got the front shelf . Nice add for the EX4 .
It's done.
Welp, not sure what happened to my finish pic. I swear, I took one. Beer, bourbon and cigars are my excuse. But, anyway it wasn't for supper tonight. The wife had a pot of chilli on the stove (not the best but I eat it). So this will be for sammich and a casserole the wife has planned. Anyway, it was a wonderful day! Loved being outside. Next storm system coming in tomorrow afternoon. Another 4" and single digit temps.

P.S. Damn glad I don't have Chiefs tickets!!!
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