First sausages with the new grinder - 4 types - Boudin, Chorizo, Andouille & fresh

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  1. Well thanks to some awesome relatives who gave me cash for Christmas combined with some change I had saved up I became the proud owner of a new electric grinder  [​IMG]

    Ain't she spiffy?  [​IMG]

    Well I couldn't let this new toy just sit there so I decided to make some sausages. I figured I might as well just go for it so I decided to make Boudin, Chorizo & Andouille.  Did I mention that I am a one man operation?  [​IMG]   It ended up being a larger task than I anticipated but I learned from the experience & hopefully maybe someone else can as well...

    I started with the Boudin. Here is the pork cooking.

    & the liver.

    Some rice...


    Yellow onions

    Spice mix

    Scallions & fresh garlic chopped & ready to go...

    Casing soaking in a warm solution of fresh dihydrogen monoxide  [​IMG]

    Forgot to take a pic but ran the pork, liver & yellow onions through the grinder then mixed in the scallions & garlic.

    After the liquid/spice mixture was added & mixed. Ready for stuffing now...

    The Weston stuffer my parents got me for Christmas  [​IMG]

    Stuffing away...

    Done with this batch.

    Nice little supply...

    Closer view of the Boudin.

    I have to run down to my shop for a bit - have someone coming to pick up a shelf & cutting board. I will post the rest of the process when I get back to the house.

    Next up Chorizo - stay tuned!
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    Looking good!!!
  3. Thanks Craig!
  4. Ok I'm back - on to the Chorizo

    I decided to split the Chorizo into 2 batches - 1 regular & one with cure to be smoked. Here is the pork back out of the freezer where I had it waiting. 2 1/2 lbs in each bowl.

    The spices for each batch before liquid.

    The pepper for each batch.

    I used REAL chile pepper for this - grown myself & crushed in my mortar & pestle. Old school!  [​IMG]

    I forgot to take a pic of the chopped onions but here is the first batch mixed up & ready to go.

    Regular Chorizo.

    Chorizo with cure - to be smoked.

    Closer view didn't turn out very good - sorry  [​IMG]

    And that concludes the Chorizo stuffing portion of this thread.

    Next up will be the Andouille - See you there!
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    Pics like this are liable to get hoards knocking down the doors. Looks great for the first batch with a new stuffer.
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    Way to go B!  I had all intentions of doing my andouille and chorizzo today but the ice finally came and I had a chance to Ice fish and catch roughly 30 yellow perch 10 inches and bigger!  Thats a wonderful meal too so I took full advantage.  Did you do the NOLA andouille recipe that craig recommends or something else?  Im looking forward to the rest of the thread BTW!
  8. Thanks!
    Congrats on the perch - that's some good eating there  [​IMG]   I didn't use the Nola Cuisine recipe because I simply didn't have the time to cut the 1/4" pieces with everything else I had going on. I am going to try it very soon when that is the only sausage I am making on that particular day or if I get a chance to prep some ahead of time & freeze them till I can use them...
  9. You've been busy today!!!!!!!
    I napped most of the afternoon!!! LOL
    Looks REAL good!!!!!

    What model is that Cabela's grinder?

    ~Martin :smile:
  10. Thanks! It is the commercial grade 1 hp #22
  11. :icon_eek:

    Now you're going to need a bigger stuffer!!!!! :biggrin:

    ~Martin :smile:
  12. Ok now for the Anduille...

    I had to charge my camera & don't have pics of the prep or mixing - I apologize for that but I had to keep going  [​IMG]

    Here is the Anduille right after stuffing.

    Closer view of the Andouille.

    Another close view.

    Put a fan on the Andouille & Chorizo to dry them a little before going in the smoker & cooked up some of each sausage to get a sneak peek of what was to come. Boudin on the right & Chorizo on the left.

    The Andouille.

    Smoking away. The reason they are all contorted is because I only had one piece of dowel & had to tie them like that to keep then from touching. If I had it to do over again I would have thrown a piece of wood on the lathe & made one quick or just ripped a piece of oak (I have some lignum vitae on the lathe right now making a wand) & made things easier...

    Ok that's it for the Andouille segment.

    Next up will be the fresh portion of the thread & the mistakes I made - maybe someone else will read them & keep from repeating what I did. Stay tuned!
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    Man-O-Man U been busy....  I watch football all day while the turkey bathed in Pitmaster's Choice on the porch....   Good looking everything....   

    Casing soaking in a warm solution of fresh dihydrogen monoxide   [​IMG]  

     Is that the rare variety you used ???  double distilled or what... for your inaugural grind, I figured you would use only the best....  

  14. Thanks Dave!  & yes only the best dihydrogen monoxide for the inaugural grind - freshly generated via reverse osmosis  [​IMG]
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    That all looks great! I really need to get busy and attempt some sausage!

    What's your return and exchange policy? How many sausages does one get for a half empty bag of Habs? [​IMG]
  16. Thanks man! I'm not sure about the return & exchange - it would depend whether it was based on a weight per weight or piece for piece trade which of us would make out  [​IMG]
  17. Sausages are finally done smoking [​IMG]

    Here is the smoked Chorizo.

    & the Andouille.

    Sliced pics to come later & also still to come is the fresh sausage & my mistakes. I wanted to wait till after everything was done in case any more popped up. Stay tuned!
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    Looks like you had a busy night... sausage looks good
  19. sam3

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    Great job on everything!

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