Ever Use Grape Jelly On Ribs?

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Jan 15, 2011
I was told grape jelly is the secret to great tasting ribs.  Anyone here ever use it?  I've put banana slices on ribs before for grilling.  I'm doing/smoking Spare Ribs tomorrow and will use hickory chips and Famous Dave's Rib Rub.  Any other suggestions that could produce great ribs?  Going to go with about 220 degrees for 5 hours or so, at least that's the goal for now.
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I agtee with rbranster,a lot of sauces(BBQ and other) use jelly as an ingredient.Yes,but DO be careful or yoy may have to wait till morn.and have toasted rib and jelly sammies.LOL

Have fun and,
Never tried it on ribs, but it is a common thing to put in BBQ sauce when cooking cocktail sausages.

1 cup grape jelly

1 cup your favorite BBQ sauce

1 pound of little smokie type cocktail sausages.

Place in a crock pot and simmer for an hour or two.
there is a bbq sauce that uses grape jelly in it,i belive it is called mohaganey bbq sauce.i have made it before and really liked it! But to me it was really sweet,but the wife loved it!
I have done grape jelly and chili sauce mixed for meatballs in a crockpot before, and it was pretty good. Why not for ribs? By all means dude, go for it.

Now I have heard of it but I have never tried it. But what I hear now that maybe I should try it thou.
I gotta go out and get some Apple and Grape jelly.  I wonder how they would both be.  Many years ago, I think it was Welch's, they had a grape and apple (mixed) squeeze bottle.  It was very good.  I'm talking early 1980's.  Don't think they still have that one. 
Sounds delicious. I just took my spares out of the foil and they are already falling off.

Using Jeffs rub and the old 3-2-1. Perfect.

 Good luck and lets see the pictures of the jellied ribs...yummie!

Welch's no longer carries grape and apple it has been fased out.But they do have some great varietys of mixed juices that would make great sauces!

Welch's no longer carries grape and apple it has been fased out.But they do have some great varietys of mixed juices that would make great sauces! 

I didn't even think about their sauces.  I wonder how it would be as a marinade of some sort.  Hmmmm  Here's a pic after I put some Apple Jelly on them for moisture.  About 3 hours in. 
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When do you guys apply the sauce, if at all?  I like both wet and dry ribs.  Thinking about leaving the sauce off and leave it up to the family if they want to add or not.  Just heat some up on the stove or something.  What do you guys do? 
they look great,i got some bb's on myself.I never put sauce on my ribs i only put it on the table to use if ya want to.If i wre to sauce i'd do it the last hour on the smoker.
Okay, I cannot eat another bite, they're pretty good.  I tried both, with sauce and without sauce.  I prefer without sauce.  I used Rudy's sauce.  Seems as though sauce masks the real flavor.  I can't wait to see what's next in the smoker.   This forum rocks!!!

Let's see Pittsburgh meet Green Bay in the Super Bowl.  Could be a shootout. 
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