Drums & Thighs on the “Q”

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    Drums & Thighs on the “Q”

    Mrs Bear wanted some BBQ’d Yardbird, so she got some Legs out of my Meat Freezer.
    She likes Drums & my Favorite is Thighs, so we made it 7 Small Thighs & 4 Drums.

    She likes them best when she bakes them in her Oven at 350° for 45 minutes, and then hands them off to me to put on my Gas Grill.
    Then I slap some BBQ sauce on them, and flip them around on my Weber Q until I get some nice crispy skin, and some nice Grill marks & Grill Flavor.

    Meanwhile Mrs Bear made some Mashed Taters, and heated up some Cream of Chicken soup to be used as gravy.

    I also added a Small piece of my Corn Bread, made by following the recipe I recently got from my Buddy “SmokinOutBack”.
    Corn Bread Link:

    Thanks for stopping by,


    Mr “Q” getting nice & Hot. Not much Green (Background) happening yet around here:

    4 Drums & 7 Thighs on their way:

    A little Closer look:

    Crisping up the Skins before removing:

    No—That’s not my Plate——My Plate is in the next Picture!!!

    Bear’s first helping; One Thigh, One Drum, Mashed Taters with Cream of Chicken Soup for Gravy, and a small hunk of Corn Bread:
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    Looks great.

    I just pulled some quarters out to cook up this weekend.
  3. Nice Looking Yard Bird, Taters & Corn bread  We eat grilled Chicken a Lot   Great job as Usual

    [​IMG]        [​IMG]

  4. bearcarver

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    Thank You Adam!!

    And Thanks for the Points!!

  5. bearcarver

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    Thanks a Bunch, Gary!!

    And Thanks for the Points!

  6. tropics

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    That sure does look like it cooks the food real good,that gravy I just picked up some for my Ravioli Points

  7. bearcarver

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    Thanks Richie!!

    That Cream of Chicken soup goes good with the Mashed Taters when we have Chicken.

    And when we have Beef, we often use Cream of Mushroom soup as Gravy on the Taters. Both work Great !!

    And Thanks for the Points!!


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