Donair Meat

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Okay I had to go into Toronto on Monday so I stopped at my favourite spot for schwarma and got the real story.
I was Wrong about the process and I do apologize.
The meat is first put into a marinade (which you know I asked for but it's a secret) for 24 hours and then sliced thin and put onto the skewer in front of that vertical burner and it is cooked right there slowly and sliced off as needed into a flat bread/ pita bread it's hollow and they just pull it open and put the meat in and then sauce and lettuce and onions and then hot sauce if you want it and finished with a sprinkle of cilantro rolled up and then onto a toaster.
It looks like a George Forman grill and toasted for 2or 3 minutes.
I ate two chicken and my son ate two ......then he went back in for two more. I'd have to say "he's hooked".
So there you have it, and again sorry about the misinformation the first time round.
Around here they're gyro's, pronounce ear - roh's, rolling the second R. but most people here pronounce them jie (like pie) rose. I don't like lamb, but there is a Greek place around here that sells a chicken one and it's awesome. I love the tsatsiki sauce...

Down the shore on the boardwalk there are numerous places that have the "spit" where they carve it off as you order.
BTW, if you never been to a traditional boardwalk and you're going to be in the South Jersey area, it's worth a couple days detour. There are many boardwalks, Wildwood probably being the most famous. They're really doing a doo-wop revitalization down there. You can still go and see Jerry Blavit, the Grease Band, lots of oldies...
NJ state BBQ Championship info...
The real way to make do air sauce is 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, add vinegar a spoonful at a time and garlic powder, until you get the taste
You want. Super easy and as close to Halifax donair sauce as I have found.
Pound your donair meet as much and as long as you can, throw it down on a cutting board over and over smoke it low n slow, I smoke at 130 for 4 hours is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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