Grinder Question

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Head was not warm, straight grinding, but we might be onto something with freezing the head knife and plate. I usually put these in the freezer when I put the meat in. That was 2 hrs. this time. I will try the fridge next time.

Thanks all!!!
I have a cabelas commercial grinder (1/2hp)... I just used it a couple of days ago and went straight to the fine plate 1st. No problems with the meat starting to harden in the freezer... Never once had to use the pusher and it grinded much faster than if I used the coarse plate first... which you would then have to use the pusher...
On the freezer and grinder parts idea, for me personally, I dont bother. My parts get almost frozen cold as the partially frozen meats pass through. You can see the iceing happening right on the exterior of auger housing almost immediately and they are room temp moments before it.

Also I spray all the parts lightly with cooking spray or food grade silicone before each session. I feel its easier to clean off meat residues, if any, and also creates a low friction ( less heat ) environment.

Side note , I feel foot pedal controls and grinders are a match made in heaven.
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