Turmeric in Meat Stick

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Nov 6, 2022
Brentwood, TN
I have a question for the team.
If I were to add turmeric to a snack stick will it turn the meat orange like in a slim jim? I have been told that is what turns sausage grease orange. Or is it some other seasoning? What flavor does it impart, if any? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Never tried it in meat.
It is an orange to yellow colorant in food (think mustard) and a touch bitter.
I use it in Indian and Thai curries. I cannot describe the flavor as it has very little to me.
Yes, tumeric is a colorant and will turn the sausage a yellowish/orange tint. Paprika will turn the sausage more red. Play with a ratio of those two for the color you are looking to achieve.
Wife uses tumeric in chicken for chicken salad...good stuff

Thanks guys. I agree, I am not trying to copy the slim jim, I just found the color interesting.
Check out Age of Anderson on You tube,,, great videos and he had one on this same subject.,,, he used it in his sweet and Spicy pickle recipe,,,, thought he had one in his sausage as well,, I would have to check or check out 2 guys and a cooler as well on You tube,,,,
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