Dogs and Ring

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Jan 18, 2020
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So I received my Champion Juicer yesterday. Then today I bought the dual grind attachment from LEM for my #8 grinder. Making dogs and some ring bologna were in order. I won’t smoke the dogs until early in the morning but the rings are part of supper tonight so stay tuned for the cut on those.

The plus to me of the dual grind is cutting long strips of meat, not cubing, and one pass it through the 1/8” plate. Cuts a lot of knife time and regrind time off.


Pretty nice grind on par frozen meat. I’m happy. Less grinding equals less heat. That’s always a plus.

Then we mix the seasoning, recipe at the bottom. I used maybe a half pint or maybe a little more of water. I’ve always had to add way to much water in the past just for emulsifying.


After a freezer rest, it was time for the Juicer. This thing is a beast. I did 7# of badder in about 10 minutes. The feed throat is small so the sticky badder has to be made into small ish logs to feed, but runs through the machine effortlessly.



Very little heat was generated, I like that for sure.

On to the stuffing In lamb casings. These are small around 20mm and a pain on my horn.


Then the rings stuffed in 32mm collagen casings for supper.

I will update with recipe and cut a little later, have to get supper going. Thanks for looking.
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This was 7# pork butt ground.
Salt- 1.25% = 40.0g
Sugar- 0.75% = 24.0g
Cure #1- 0.25% = 8.0g
Smoked paprika- 15.0g
ground white pepper ( I was out and used black) 12.0g
Ground Coriander- 3.0g
Ground Mace- 3.0g
powder milk- 1 cup
granulated garlic- 15.0g
Onion Powder- 7.0g
celery powder- 4.0g
Phosphates- 15g
Erythorbate- 1/2 tsp. ( very last. Mix in just before stuffing)
Ice water enough to bring it together. I used just less than 1 pint.
Those look great! I like the looks of the meat after going through your 'juicer'. Smooth consistency for sure. Great job on the dogs and bologna rings.
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Oh my those look good!
Thank you, sarge
Those look great! I like the looks of the meat after going through your 'juicer'. Smooth consistency for sure. Great job on the dogs and bologna rings.
Thank you. Yes very nice texture plus only took 10-15 minutes for 7# using a food processor it takes a long time. I use this recipe to fill the big red 5” casings for a 10# chub of bologna too. Will be a breeze now.
Where can I pick up mine? That looks fantastic...
Fleabay is where I got this one. I shopped around for best price and shipping. This one to my door for just over 100 bucks. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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