Moose Hot Dogs (pic heavy)

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Smoke Blower
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May 31, 2019
25lb batch of moose hot dogs /17lbs moose trim, 8lbs pork trim/fat / PS blue ribbon wiener seasoning / 2.5% binder

thumbnail_IMG_0137.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0138.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0140.jpg

LEM stuffer with 32-35 MM hog casings
thumbnail_IMG_0141.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0142.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0143.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0145.jpg into the refrigerator over night
thumbnail_IMG_0158.jpg smoked with cherry till internal temp of 135* - than into souse vide for the finish
thumbnail_IMG_0159.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0161.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0162.jpg
meater plus probe to monitor temperate - IN temp dropped to 125* before going into 145* water.
22min to go from 125* to 145* - pasteurization at 145*=3min.
When IN temp got to 145* set timer for 45min (just to be on the safe side)
thumbnail_IMG_0164.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0167.jpg

into the sink for a cold-water shower (10min for IN temp to drop below 100*).

Thanks for looking!
Man I bet those are good! Congrats on the carousel ride...picture is in the que to be added to the spinner...
Thanks, will be grilling some up this week for dinner for sure! Carousel ride awesome!
I was fortunate enough to harvest a nice bull last September! Lots of good meat!
Those look kill'er, moose meat is top five as far as meat goes too me.
It's GOOD stuff!!!!

How about a photo of the animal, we like hunting pic's here as well. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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