Deer shoulder with Qview.

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bubba watson

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May 26, 2014
Pelham, NC
Got shoulders from a couple of deer taken during the season and decided to give smoking one a try. Injected with beef broth, coated in yellow mustard and my BBQ rub. Layered the top with some of my home smoked bacon and smoked at 200-225° to IT of 147° before wrapping for a good rest. Very tasty if I do say so myself. My 3 year old even asked for seconds on the "snake"(to him meat is either chicken or steak but it comes out snake).
I'm trying to do a deer leg for the first time and could really use some tips. How do you inject broth? And what's a good rest?

I have a really nice stainless syringe style injector that I use to inject. My recommendation is to use low sodium beef broth. Learned that with a recipe years ago. Mine prob rested about 30-45 minutes and was amazingly tender. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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