Dang, that got hot in a hurry!!

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by dutch, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Last Saturday, I loaded up the firebox in the Lang the same way I normally do-a layer of 4 splits with 3 more layers on top (16 splits total-4 logs worth).  Hit the splits with the ol' Harbor Freight Log Lighter and then went in the house to prep my spare ribs- After 30 minutes, I went outside to start closing things up per Ben's instructions and went back in the house to finish up the ribs.

    When I took the ribs out to the smoker, I found that the upper grate (top) thermometer had hit 550° and the lower grate thermometer had hit 480°.

    I placed the ribs in the smoker and closed all my intake vents and then opened the warmer box door to help vent some of the heat-about 90 minutes later I was back down to my usual 230°. I thought I had really screwed things up by starting my ribs at such a high temp so I started checking my ribs at the 3 1/2 hour mark using the "bend" method. At the 4 3/4 hour mark, the ribs where bending nicely with a slight tearing of the meat fibers.

    So now when folks ask me if my smoker will get hot enough to "grill" on I can answer with a qualified "Heck, yeah"!

    The only thing different about this smoke was the weather-80° day, 5 mph wind from the east and humidity of 23%.  Next time I'll build my fire a bit smaller.[​IMG]  Gotta love that learning curve! 
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    at least you know what it will take to cook a pizza lol.
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    Now you are saying that your smoker got super hot really fast and then you put the ribs on then??? Then they smoked/grilled really fast and only took 4 3/4 hours and they were done??? So how did they taste and are you going to remember this and do it again or what??
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    The ribs tasted great, they pulled off the bone with ease but this isn't going to be a method that I'll use on ribs anytime soon as I prefer the "low and slow".  I was just going to let the smoker cool down to 230° on it's own and then put the ribs in but Ma Dutch didn't want to wait the 3 hours or so for the smoker to cool-that's why I opened my warmer box door to help dump some heat, I should have just left the chamber lid open and dump the heat that way.  I might try this technique (hot and fast) on my next packer brisky but not for ribs~  If I was going to make hot and fast ribs-I would use my propane grill and save the wood. [​IMG]


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