Damn.... Do Y'all Think They're Safe?

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Not injected = not a problem could have stayed at 225 no problem
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Yeah, but I was second guessing myself and wanted the reassurance of other's confirmation.

And if I'd left it at 225° it'd be a 18+ hour cook, instead of the 16 hour this gonna be.
More beer time or closer to beer time :emoji_laughing:
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They will be great eating, I will have to disagree on putting meat out and letting it come to room temp, if you got 4 hours to hit 140 why waste a few hours? I mean 70 degree kitchen aint going to ramp the temp up but you will have burned whatever time you left it out, you would have been better off straight to the pit and rock it at 225-250 ect. A steak is a different story if your shooting for a med or well done, if rare straight from the fridge to the grill, long as folks don't get sick is the important thing in the end. Thats a pile of heat sink there and looks like the pit is up to the job.
Long as the surface hit 140° in 4 on whole unadulterated muscle, you're plenty safe. Heck, I don't even start checking IT until hours into a cook like yours. No real point in doing so.
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