Couple of ribs and a sausage!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kenthanson, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Going camping this weekend with the family and my mom has been hounding me to smoke her up some ribs(it's not like I don't want to make them for my mom or am to busy, but they are definatly all gone by the time I even think about going over to her house[​IMG] ) And for dinner I'm having perogies and what better to go with perogies then a stick of menonite sausage, it's delicious.

    p.s. if anyone read my charcoal nightmare post don't worry, I defiantely got rid of all of that nonsense and am now using lump.
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    Fatties are a great treat for your camping breakfast. Smoke a bunch of Jimmy Deans (try not to eat 'em all) and freeze a couple to throw in your cooler. They'll be thawed enough to slice and throw on a griddle with some eggs ......... Oh man you'll love 'em.
  3. What's the rub you have on those ribs in the photobucket pic?
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    Throw an extra rack on for good ole Mom and don't let anyone touch it!

    BTW What's menonite sausage? How do you make it, it looks good? I love sausage!
  5. Hey Beery, the rub is just something i put together from just a random bunch of seasonings i have, mostly lemon pepper, italiano, seasoning salt and what the gentleman who sold it to me called is "super spice" I know there are lots of good delicious rubs recipes out there but i just wanted to try something random.

    Debi, Mennonite sausauge is made by the menonites, so I got no idea how to make it. Here is the Mennonite wiki, it explains who they are better then i can. [​IMG] They make and sell sausages and perogies and pastas and well just about anything they eat they sell at the local farmers market and the sausages are the best.
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    Debi, if you do a seach for Menonite farmers sausage recipe you will find all kinds of recipes using it, this is the only one I found for the sausage

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