Chicken sausage

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Feb 3, 2024
Portland, OR
I'm a big pork and beef guy, but my wife prefers chicken and fish, so I decided to make some chicken sausage to get her interested in sausage in general.

Nothing exotic; kind of the usual herbs & spices. I fried up a patty and it's pretty damn good! It's dinner tonight, so I'll see how it goes.

Screen Shot 2024-02-18 at 2.20.13 PM.png
chicken sausage 2.jpg
chicken sausage.jpg
Looks good.

For chicken, I use bone in, skin on thighs, though, and grind the skin along with the meat for fat content.
That's what I ended up doing, as the store didn't have boneless, skinless thighs. That will be updated on my recipe.
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