Country Style Ribs

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jun 21, 2006
Central NY
Looking for suggestions for smoking them. I've used the 1-2-3 method with rack ribs, with great results. Has anyone tried the 1-2-3 method with country style ribs? I'm smoking 60 lbs., so it would be a bit of a hassle, messing with the tin foil. Any suggestions? Thanks, Grinder
Hey grinder,

There's a thread by Doug123 in the Pork Forum called, "Pictures of my first ribs." It is definitly country style ribs (sliced butt). He gives a rub recipe that he used. Said he went 3/2/1 with them and the pictures look fabulous.
I just made some the other day I thought turned out good.

I used yellow mustard and rub, then I put them on a very hot grill and kept turning them every few minutes so they didn't catch on fire. I grilled them maybe 10-15 minutes. All I was doing was bringing the internal temp to 160.

Then I took them all and put them in a foil roaster pan. I poured in some apple juice, foiled the top of the pan tightly, then I put them in a big toaster oven we have on 'warm' for 2 hours or so.

I thought they turned out excellent.

The apple juice really tendered them up and they had a great flavor.

I did this because I had rack ribs on the smoker and wanted to give them my full attention. Had guests coming over and the country style were basically in the freezer and I made them to make sure we had enough food.

But like I said they were good.

Guess that might be tough for 60 pounds but just thought I would throw that out there.

I did use the 321 method before, and they turned out good, but I thought the country style ended up a little too soft and porky for 321 for my taste anyway. I liked the grill method better.

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